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Turkey might help Europe recover, foundation says
1.       tunci
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 28 Jun 2011 Tue 01:13 pm

Turkey might help Europe recover, foundation says



This file photo shows an automotive-making employee on the assembly line at a plant in the northwestern province of Kocaeli. Turkey may become a second Germany for the EU, a business group chief says.

This file photo shows an automotive-making employee on the assembly line at a plant in the northwestern province of Kocaeli. Turkey may become a second Germany for the EU, a business group chief says


Hit by the financial crisis, the European Union might need Turkey more than ever to gear up the growth and sustain a resilient economy, said the chairman of Turkey’s Economic Development Foundation, or IKV, on Monday.

“Burden,a word repeatedly used for Turkey’s possible membership in the EU, is no more valid thanks to strong growth in the country amid the global economic crisis, IKV Chairman Haluk Kabaalioðlu told the Hürriyet Daily News on the sidelines of the 49th General Assembly of IKV held in Istanbul on Monday.

The EU budget consists of contributions from all its members, rich or poor, with a certain portion from their gross domestic product, Kabaalioðlu said. “As a result of this, there are net contributors, which receive less than they contribute, and net receivers, which receive more than they contribute.”

This situation is subject to change according to member’s ongoing economic progress, according to him.

“Spain, for example, started out as a net receiver but was a net contributor until the recent financial crisis,” he said. “With its dynamic population and right policies, Turkey may well become a net contributor to the budget shortly after membership,” he said.

Recalling the support of Jose Manuel Barosso, current president of the European Commission, for Turkey’s EU bid, Kabaalioðlu said, “Turkey could be a second Germany for the union in order to create a sustainable and resilient economy.”

The EU has started to lose its attractiveness as the financial crisis continues to sweep though the economy,” he said.

The chairman implied that the union would not be “eager to accept more members” after the membership of Croatia in 2013. “Still the EU remains a model for Turkey regarding social welfare, human rights and democratization,” he said.

“The EU membership bid should be Turkey’s top priority,” said Rifat Hisarcýklýoðlu, chairman of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, or TOBB, addressing to delegates of IKV at the meeting. “Turkey’s membership in the EU means sustainable development, high democratic standards, individual freedom and equality among genders and more for the country,” he said.

Talking about the social and legal reforms Turkey needs to go though, he said, “Turkey has also responsibility in the slowing down of the negotiations.”

Croatia, which started EU negotiations at the same time as Turkey, has already completed the process and will most likely be a full member by 2013, according to him. “We currently have just one negotiation chapter closed out of 35,” he said. “Turkey has not done its homework unfortunately.”

“Turkey should focus on India and China since in both countries some 400 million people, which equals the EU’s total population, are living in the same standard of life with the people in the union,” said Hisarcýklýoðu. “The financial crisis in the EU is likely to continue,” he said, adding that Turkey might need to look for other alternatives, such as focusing more on Mexico, the United States, China and India


Note : Again, we dont need EU, Turkey should stay away from caos and unstable EU zone. We are better off staying this way I guess.



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