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The NY Times Article about Büyükada
1.       Mr.Thunder
31 posts
 16 Jul 2011 Sat 11:54 pm

The NY Times writes about Büyükada. Nice article about Büyükada.



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2.       Mavili
236 posts
 17 Jul 2011 Sun 07:15 am

Merhaba Mr. Thunder. I was able to take a look at that, or at least saw the foto slide show of the place. Büyük Ada looks so nice and peaceful there at least from what ı saw. Have you ever been there?

It reminds me of our U.S. city called New Orleans, (Louisiana) which isn´t a bad thing. Maybe one day I can visit there but before I go anywhere else in Türkiye, my first destination there is a Kuşadası visit.

3.       stumpy
638 posts
 18 Jul 2011 Mon 07:04 pm

it is quieter and more peacefull than New Orleans, it is not comparable.  I went there in early May and it was wonderfull.

4.       Mr.Thunder
31 posts
 18 Jul 2011 Mon 10:10 pm

Merhaba Mavili,


I have been to Istanbul many times but not yet visited Büyükada. (the Grand island)


They it is overrun by tourists in summers.


Büyükada is indeed one of the islands of Istanbul in the Marmara sea. There are some smaller islands nearby.


It is significant that engined vehicles are forbidden. (except some local government vehicles). People use horse carriages (just like in the 19th century) or ride bicycles (or walk). 






5.       Mavili
236 posts
 24 Jul 2011 Sun 01:04 am


Quoting stumpy

it is quieter and more peacefull than New Orleans, it is not comparable.  I went there in early May and it was wonderfull.


çok geç, üzgünüm{#emotions_dlg.sad}

Ok you got me there, New Orleans has its nice spots, but yes I can see how it could still get ugly in that city, not even counting the yearly Mardi Gras festival.


Büyük Ada sounds like a wonderful dream in comparison.

6.       Bison
1 posts
 30 Jul 2011 Sat 06:33 am

Hello, I am new to this site and forum. Büyük Ada Çok güzel. I have had the opportunity to visit the island (quite a few years ago, but I don´t think it has changed all that much) and found it very peaceful and as if you had been transported back in time. A wonderful place to relax and just enjoy nature and the sea. 

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