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Culture clash??
1.       Tulip
106 posts
 24 Jul 2011 Sun 10:31 pm

I am puzzled... A Turkish friend ( friend/fling plus in this way) expressed me his unhappy marriage he told me many things which left me in ´´shock´ that a man can talk so disrespectfull about his wife but anyway it is not my marriage...and he won´t be my man. When I asked him later on how it is going and if he finds a path to make some progress, he got furious with anger why I confrontate him his lifepicture..... Well, you told me all about it not I said? He couldn´t believe that I gave an opinion as he didn´t asked me to give that. Is that Macho behaviour or is he just a strange? In the Dutch culture it is most normal to ask about it when somebody told you the problem himself. Was it to direct for a Turkish man?  #daretoask .. 

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2.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 25 Jul 2011 Mon 02:43 am

He doesn´t sound like a very nice person to me, Tulip (sounds like a jerk to be honest).  I don´t think it is anything you said but I could be wrong.  Even when an outsider does something that goes against their culture, most Turks remain respectful and courteous because you are an outsider and because it is very much a part of their culture to treat guests well.  I am sure I have committed my share of cultural missteps in my travels to Turkey.  Just my thoughts anyway. 

3.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 25 Jul 2011 Mon 04:21 pm

I think it´s not a cultural miss-step of Tulip in the first place. What kind of man says bad things about his wife to another woman? I agree that he sounds like a jerk.

4.       Tulip
106 posts
 27 Jul 2011 Wed 05:07 pm

Ladies, I guess you are both right. It is totally not done from a man ( neither he is Turkish, Dutch or American) to discuss his wife as very negative with another woman. Any man who does that showcase himself as a low civilized person with poor respect level. Which reflects his own personality.


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