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Hittite sun makes comeback as Ankara Municipality logo with court order
1.       tunci
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 13 Sep 2011 Tue 06:29 pm


Hittite sun makes comeback as Ankara Municipality logo with court order

13 September 2011, Tuesday / TODAYSZAMAN.COM



                                                             Hittite sun
The Turkish Council of State, which earlier cancelled a logo introduced for the Ankara Municipality featuring a mosque in 2007, on Tuesday cancelled a new design known as the “Smiling Ankara Cat,” which features the image of a Turkish Angora, and ordered the municipality to adopt the initial logo featuring a Hittite sun, an icon of the Hittite people.

The Ankara Municipality´s logo has been a subject of controversy since the municipality changed it to the Hittite sun in 1995, replacing a logo that featured two well-known symbols of Ankara, Ata Kule Tower and Kocatepe Mosque. However, the adoption of the new logo was cancelled by the Council of State in 2007.

The Ankara Municipality had to design a new logo and the capital´s municipal council chose the “Smiling Ankara Cat” as the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality´s new official logo in 2010. Lawyer Rahmi Kumaş filed a case at the Council of State, requesting the cancellation of the decision and the court ruled that the Ankara Municipality´s logo should be reversed to the original one with the Hittite sun.

The court also said when the municipal decision to use the logo featuring Kocatepe Mosque was cancelled in 2007, the municipality should have replaced it with the original logo featuring the Hittite sun rather than have introduced a new one. The court also said the decision to adopt the “Smiling Ankara Cat” logo was incorrect in terms of procedure as the decision was not made with a two-third majority.

The Hittites, an ancient Anatolian people whose empire reached its height around the 14th century B.C., are a large part of Ankara´s history. The city´s Museum of Anatolian Civilizations houses one of the richest collection of Hittite artifacts.


Note : I love "Hittite sun ", that represents the spirit of Ankara. There is no need to bring a new one..


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