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Sakarya trade group to discuss name change of ‘cigarette pastry’
1.       tunci
7149 posts
 15 Sep 2011 Thu 01:33 am

Sakarya trade group to discuss name change of ‘cigarette pastry’

14 September 2011, Wednesday / TODAY´S ZAMAN, İSTANBUL

                                                       ‘Cigarette pastry’

The city of Sakarya is exerting efforts to change the name of the traditional Turkish “sigara böreği” (cigarette pastry) in order to discourage smoking.

The issue will be discussed at the next Council of Chairmen meeting of the Sakarya Union of Tradesmen and Artisans´ Chambers (SESOB). Sakarya Restaurants Chamber Chairman Erdal Kurtuldu supports changing what is truly a household name in Turkey, saying: “We felt uncomfortable associating smoking with a food we love. It is time to think about changing the name.”

A new name for the popular pastry will be chosen by SESOB from suggestions posted by the public on the association´s website.

Dr. Pınar Pazarlı, the manager of Sakarya University´s (SAÜ Medical-Social Center and vice chairman of the university´s Tobacco Coordination Committee said that changing the name of the traditional pastry is especially important for children and young people. “We tell our children we are making ‘cigarette pastries.´ And they love to eat these pastries. At some point, our children begin to ask, ‘What is a cigarette?´ They become curious about smoking, and think, ‘I like cigarette pastries, maybe cigarettes are also like this.´ There used to be cigarette candies and gum, which also encouraged smoking. To always be reminded of cigarettes is not a pleasant thing,” she said.

The Turkish government has tightened up its anti-smoking policies in recent years in an effort to discourage smoking. Earlier this year, cigarette vendors were instructed by the Ministry of Health to place cigarette packs inside closed cabinets and out of sight. The Ministry of Health also recently decided that cigarette packs will no longer be distinguishable by brand. Cigarettes will be sold in “black packs” with only an identifying number visible.

Australia has adopted a similar policy which will be implemented next July. Turkey will be the first country in Europe to implement such a regulation. According to the Ankara governor´s office, law enforcement agencies have issued a total of TL 2,140,272 in fines in Ankara alone in the first nine months of 2011 to smokers who lit up in banned areas, under Law No. 4207 on the "prevention of the harmful effects of tobacco products."

Banned areas for smokers in Turkey include closed areas of cafes, bars, and restaurants in addition to the closed areas of private and public institutions. The operators of such businesses are responsible for monitoring their clients´ compliance with the law. Violations on the part of operators or clients can be punished with fines of TL 560 to 5,600 and TL 69, respectively.

According to the Ankara Governor´s Office, the Provincial Department of the Ministry of Health and the national “Quit Smoking Hotline” have seen an increase in the number of individuals who want to quit smoking

Note : I love "cigarette pastry ", not cigarettes !{#emotions_dlg.pinokkio}{#emotions_dlg.nargile}

2.       Mavili
236 posts
 15 Sep 2011 Thu 02:36 am

I would try it, after looking the recepie up, it sounds pretty good and would love to try it one day because I love Feta cheese. But I agree, its kind of detrimental to the discouragement of the habit in younger generations for there to be a food dish with that in the name. 

They look like those things called Taquitoes, but of course that´s Tex-Mex. Hopefully the new name will be both appropriate and memorable.

3.       MarioninTurkey
6124 posts
 15 Sep 2011 Thu 09:58 am

A rose with any other name would smell as sweet ....!


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