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Kasparov moves for scholastic chess in Turkey
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 14 Dec 2011 Wed 02:13 pm

From: http://chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=7756

On December 9, 2011, the former world champion Garry Kasparov was in Turkey. Together with Cem Yeker, the Managing Director of SAP Turkey, and Kuvay Sanlı, of the Turkish Chess Foundation, Garry Kasparov held several meetings with the Minister of Education and the president of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK). Below are news clippings and pictures regarding the visit that appeared in prominent Turkish newspapers such as Hürriyet, Zaman, and Akşam; TR Official Gazette; the official webpage of the AKP ruling party; and the official website of the Ministry of Education.

In his visit to Turkey Kasparov targeted the inclusion of chess education in the Fatih Project, which is aimed at realization of computer techology supported education through provision of computer technology equipment by the year 2013. Kasparov visited Prof. Yücel Altunbaşak, the President of  the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Tübitak) on December 9, 2011. Altunbaşak started the meeting with a few moves on the chess board.

Garry Kasparov and Prof. Dr. Yücel Altunbaşak, President of  the Scientific and
Technological Research Council of Turkey (Tübitak)

After Kasparov’s first move, the two opponents shared some humor. Following Altunbaşak’s remarks on how he had not played chess for a long time, Kasparov said, “Then it will be a short and sweet game!”, causing chuckles in the audience. During the game, he also said that Altunbaşak’s moves were of high quality. Altunbaşak stated that chess could be influential on the development of students and that Kasparov’s opinions would be assessed.

I look for the best move
To a question regarding the difference between a computer and a human being as an opponent, Kasparov said, “I always look for the best move. There are no emotions involved in playing against a computer but the result is always about making a good move or a bad move. Chess has more to do with one than with one’s opponent.”

Exciting Project
Kasparov remarked that the Fatih Project, involving the inclusion of computers in the educational system in Turkey, was a very exciting venture, and further said, “I think chess would fit in perfectly. I believe chess could provide a strong link between the old system and the new, computerized educational system. Chess is a good model for distance learning, as necessary for and foreseen by the FATIH project.”

After the meeting Altunbaşak gave a present to the champion. He had a detailed discussion with Garry Kasparov especially regarding chess, which currently is an elective course in the educational system in Turkey, becoming an  obligatory course in the curriculum.

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