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Studying at Turkish University
1.       KristelVK
20 posts
 17 Feb 2012 Fri 12:43 am

After having searched Google and different universities´ websites for quite a long time, I have almost given up.


The thing is that I´m looking for some entrance requirements for studying something like Pharmacy or Medicine at a Turkish University. Since I´m going to make my final decision of high school subjects very soon, I hope that some of you could help me. I would like to know which specific SUBJECTS are required to apply for these two educations. At least that is the way it works in my country and in English universities: "To study Pharmacy you need: Maths, chemistry, physics" for example. 


I will have to choose between either physics or biology, since both are not possible at my current school. I am aware that I have to pass the YÖS test as well, but it´s not really what I´m concerned about at the moment. It would just be really sad to choose something now and later realising that the other thing was the actual requirement. I am currently mostly considering Istanbul University or Karadeniz Technical University, so if the requirements differs, that is what I need to know. 


Is there actually anywhere where they DO require biology in any scientific university educations? Since in my country there is not and this is the same for some other European countries, it might just be the same case for Turkey.


Bonus question: If I apply for a public university as a foreign student, is the tuition fees then the same as for Turkish citizens? I believe I have read that somewhere.


Thank you very much for your great help, whoever answers!

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2.       Mavili
236 posts
 17 Feb 2012 Fri 03:28 am

Hello Kristel again You should be certain of what particular area of medicine or Pharmacy you want to get into. (What type of Pharmacy interest you most?) link

Different Universities might have them covered in different departments, depending on which school it is. You also have to know what kind of degree program your desired field is covered under i. e. Masters, Doctoral, Bachelors, etc. Lastly, did you have a certain area of Turkey in mind or are you willing to go to any part for the right education?

Here is some information from Perdue University website, on the general HS requirements to get into the field of Pharmacy. (I know its not a Turkish Uni but you can use it as a guide line maybe) Smile

"A balanced and comprehensive high school education is an important first step in your pursuit of a professional degree in pharmacy. You should discuss your courses carefully with your guidance counselor to assure appropriate preparation for college study. If you are considering a career in pharmacy, you should write to the pharmacy colleges of your choice (See List of Pharmacy Colleges for names and addresses) and ask for details about entrance requirements. These vary from college to college, so the best way to avoid disappointment is to make sure that high school and pre-professional college courses are carefully planned.


A sound education in math and science is an essential part of preparation for the study of pharmacy. Also, good written and verbal communication skills are important in both the study and practice of pharmacy. The pharmacy curriculum does not concentrate highly on literature, history, government, or humanities so it would be to your benefit to build a strong background in these subjects while you are in high school and during your pre-professional schooling. Contrary to popular opinion, the study of Latin in high school, while helpful in many aspects of life, is not essential for admission to pharmacy school.

High school science courses are helpful in preparing students for the many science courses studied in pharmacy school. Biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics are especially desirable. Beyond this, a good student with a strong background in nonscientific college preparatory subjects will be in a favorable position for succeeding in the study of pharmacy. If you have completed high school and are now enrolled in a community or liberal arts college, you will have credits in, and exposure to, many of the courses discussed above. It is important that pre-professional students arrange their course work to meet the requirements of the college of pharmacy in which they plan to enroll. Early consultation with the dean or admissions officer is important. If your decision to study pharmacy is not yet firm, you may still have your program checked by the pharmacy school; this advice can be helpful when you do apply for admission.

Colleges of pharmacy, in considering applicants for admission, often give attention to the relative position of students within their class - near the top, in the middle group, or near the bottom. Although colleges of pharmacy are interested in enrolling students who have demonstrated exceptional work in school, they are also interested in students who demonstrate potential for contributing to the profession."

I´ve also done some looking through the use of some aquaintences who live in Turkey (via a forum) and read about some in Ankara, (supposedly with good Pharmacy programs) though you may want to choose a different area. In that case, someone at those schools might be able to tell you names of Universities in the part of Turkey you want.

Ankara University - Ankara University Dept. of Pharmaseutical Chemistry (Link to contact Page)

Hacettepe University- Medicinal Pharmacology -will have to contact them to find out more information about the course they offer. (link to contact page)

Lastly, here is some more information on Education requirements for harmacy industry from Education Portal.com

3.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 17 Feb 2012 Fri 10:10 am

If you apply to a public university and want to pay "Turkish fees" instead of the higher "foreign fees" you´ll have to speak fluent Turkish. Not an easy thing to do. Also, I don´t know of any Bachelor level studies in pharmacy or medicine in Turkey that are given in English. Especially not in public universities. Again, you´ll need to speak fluent Turkish... fluent plus, I would say. Medical terms are already difficult to learn in your own language. Is there a particular reason why you want to study in Turkey? Because it seems very difficult in this particular field. If it is a money thing, I would advice to look at countries where the language of instruction is English for medical studies. If it is for a Turkish experience, I know of people who have studies medicine in their own countries, and have done exchange programs during their Master levels with Ankara. (Ankara is well known in the Netherlands as having good medical programs.) It is easier to find an English speaking environment at that level. Medicine and pharmacy is not like, for example, business with a lot of English programs.

But if you have your mind set to study in Turkey, contact the universities directly. Find a few universities where you would like to study, and email their international office. In my country, the Netherlands, it is required to have both biology and science to get into any medical education, like pharmacy, medicine, or Bachelor nursing. But, in Holland it is also possible to take courses after you have received your highschool diploma to get your "extra" diploma in the subject you are missing. I´m sure something similar exists everywhere in the world.

4.       DrScientist
1 posts
 25 May 2012 Fri 02:11 am

I am planning to apply for Pharmacy studies in Ankara and there are no subject requirements anywhere. All they want is the result of an exam (YOS, SAT,ACT,...), High School diploma and application form. In public universities studies are in Turkish. They give one year to attend Turkish courses and learn the language.


Now I am wondering what will happen when I will apply. Will they look for specific subjects in my Diploma? They don´t mention anything of that sort anywhere.

5.       ikicihan
1127 posts
 25 May 2012 Fri 05:14 am

Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Institute of Medical Sciences



Eskişehir Anadolu University, Faculty of Pharmacy



Official Website for Higher Education, information for foreign students...


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6.       ph_gehad
2 posts
 07 Sep 2013 Sat 10:54 am

Hi I am an egyptian student in last year of faculty of pharmacy and i want to continue my studying in turkey so can i make equivalancy certificate to take the bachelor from turkey ? and if it allawed i must stop studing for one year in order to be able speake turkish by attend this course for a year ...

Thanks in advance ..

Edited (9/7/2013) by ph_gehad

7.       nizyou
1 posts
 21 Nov 2013 Thu 06:38 pm

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