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1.       og2009
409 posts
 02 Jan 2013 Wed 01:10 pm


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2.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 02 Jan 2013 Wed 01:24 pm

I honestly don´t mind if you post something in Turkish and I am not expecting a word for word translation but a brief synopsis of the article would be great.

Turkish Class Forum Rule:

3. The official language of all forums is English with the following exceptions and details: 3.1. The language ´Teaching Turkish´ forum is Turkish only. 

Thank you!


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3.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 02 Jan 2013 Wed 03:20 pm

Başkanlık Sistemi, ilk defa Amerika’da üretilen modern ve en üstün bir yönetim sistemi olarak tanımlanır.


I have been trying to persuade another Elisabeth ( HM Queen of  England) on the very same point. Her last reply to me was "Get lost !"

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4.       og2009
409 posts
 03 Jan 2013 Thu 01:21 am

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5.       stumpy
638 posts
 03 Jan 2013 Thu 01:49 am

og2009, are you trying to kill us in 2013?  {#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}

Oh and by the way the electoral process is rather straight forward, the president is elected for a mandate of 4 years and a maximum of 2 terms for a total of 8 years after that gule gule.  This to avoid having one be in office oh say for 14 years.

If you want a more detailed translation well I,m going to need some more coffee {#emotions_dlg.koffie}

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6.       og2009
409 posts
 03 Jan 2013 Thu 01:18 pm

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