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Learning Turkish
1.       Danielle
6 posts
 30 Sep 2005 Fri 08:27 pm

Hello everyone! I'm new to this site. My husband actually found it for me. We were married a little over a month ago now and went to Turkey for our honeymoon. It was wonderful. He's orig from Turkey.

I would love to learn the language, but I really have no idea where to start. Does anyone have any ideas on getting started? I was thinking I should perhaps order some CDs to get started. Does anyone have a good set they could recomend? I was thinking CDs because I happen to drive a lot to and from my work so there's at least 2 hours worth of learning there.

All the help you guys could give would be great!

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great day!

2.       Cornelia
17 posts
 30 Sep 2005 Fri 11:23 pm

hello Danielle.
why dont you ask your hubby to teach you his language? it is the easiest way to learn for you,

good luck

3.       Danielle
6 posts
 02 Oct 2005 Sun 07:22 am

Hi Cornelia!

Thanks for posting... I have asked my hubby to teach me Turkish and he is talking to me in Turkish every now and then. However, I feel like I need a more structured way of learning the language. Do you know what I mean? That's why I was asking about CDs...

Thanks again!


4.       evilhermit
44 posts
 02 Oct 2005 Sun 08:11 am

Merhaba tekrar Danielle
In another thread (which I seem to have misplaced) someone mentioned these courses (books and cd s) and said they were good.
"teach yourself" beginners turkish by Asuman Celen Pollard +2 cd s
"teach yourself turkish" by Asuman & David Pollard +2 cd s

Maybe someone remembers where this was posted? or, you'll excuse me, who posted them
good luck Danielle

5.       Kadin2005
4 posts
 02 Oct 2005 Sun 12:14 pm

Does anyone rate Linguaphone...I get so far in the book then suddenly get lost and don't know or where the guy is referring to.............

6.       kelley
131 posts
 02 Oct 2005 Sun 02:42 pm


Subject You Can Imagine





Artwork Beauty 2 of my favorite paintings





Link Everything Online Home | Dictionary | Computers and Software | Sitemap | Search| Deutsch http://www.leo.org/leo_home_en.html

Welcome at LEO - the website with its famous large English-German-Dictionary, the comprehensive software archive, a vast collection of interesting links of any area, information about the Internet and the WWW in particular, as well as detailed information about the Munich area.


7.       Judith
31 posts
 02 Oct 2005 Sun 09:16 pm

Hello, Kelley!

Wow! These links pages are excellent. I saved these in my favorites.
I'm trying to learn Turkish as some people over here are trying.

8.       kelley
131 posts
 03 Oct 2005 Mon 12:25 pm

Selam Judith

I am so glad you found my links helpful and thank you for the good word and your reply I hope they are helpful.
I am sure you will enjoy this site too, http://www.turkishclass.com/ it is my favorite. I learn more here than the language and all the classy classmates
are wonderful. From all over the world.
Good luck and Take Care.

Peace & happiness
Tsarevna Stacia
Kelley Cali

9.       Danielle
6 posts
 04 Oct 2005 Tue 02:36 pm

Merhaba Kelley! Thanks for sending me the links, they're great!


10.       Rachael
10 posts
 04 Oct 2005 Tue 04:45 pm

Those really are exellent links

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