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''Babam ve Oğlum'' (My Father and My Son)
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1.       MrX67
2540 posts
 04 Jul 2006 Tue 12:41 am

its one of the best production of Turkish cinema of last terms>>>>http://www.babamveoglum.com/

2.       carla
320 posts
 04 Jul 2006 Tue 01:14 am

Thank you for the link. It is, unfortunately, the only Turkish film I have seen so far, and it is very emotional, a beautiful film.

3.       natalia_esmeral
23 posts
 04 Jul 2006 Tue 03:41 am

yes very beauty, thanxx

4.       MrX67
2540 posts
 04 Jul 2006 Tue 06:33 pm

sometime a nice movie can open new windows on our high life walls for see out with a large angle

5.       melti
20 posts
 04 Jul 2006 Tue 07:06 pm

ben de!!!

6.       MrX67
2540 posts
 04 Jul 2006 Tue 07:14 pm

hehe,seems no luck so far,but never tiredness for find more about goodness

7.       sultani
141 posts
 18 Jul 2006 Tue 12:34 pm

im in the middle of downloading this film!

im looking forward to watching it!!!

8.       lunatic
312 posts
 18 Jul 2006 Tue 12:40 pm

if i want to download this film-what to i press, is their a word for "download"??

9.       sultani
141 posts
 18 Jul 2006 Tue 12:49 pm

i am downloading this film from this site


10.       catwoman
8933 posts
 29 Oct 2006 Sun 05:39 am

I have recently watched this movie. I think that you can learn a lot about the Turkish culture from it. It shows the 'average Joe' of a Turkish village and the social and inter-generational tensions of most Turkish families. We see the male culture where men don't show their feelings (no matter how raging they are inside) and are angry and stubborn, and next to them - the women who live in their own, almost separate world with other type of emotional dynamics - who despite their overly emotional outloook, also struggle. The simplicity of their lifes, linearly constructed characters and almost black and white type of understanding makes the viewers feel like this has something of a paradise in it. But then develops the typical to Turkish cinematography dramatic and heartbreaking element, which at the end must also be consoled with the piece of simplified, but reassuring wisdom. The character that comes across to viewers as somehow rising above the others with its intelligence, is the one facing the tragedy. Although this character is not always a good one, he is the one who struggles with the gray area of life, he confronts the black and white thinking of his family and eventually becomes the victim. The story gives an overwhelming feeling that it is the men's world where the events are happening and that eventually it's the men's decisions that determine the course of action. This is subtly amusing to viewers, amusing because of the hidden truth of the reality, and because of the unnoticed importance women's decisions actually play. Nevertheless, women mostly play minor roles, are usually the entertainers and helpers. Turkish movies love dramas, but also want to make people laugh. What serves the latter purpose in this case, ironically, is the most simplified character - the other son - made to look funny for his mental retardation that was meant to be seen as the reason of his extreme emotionality.
Another exaggeration is the character of the child. His behavior is oddly clear and expressive. It seems that a child would normally use more defense mechanisms against traumatic events in his life and it wouldn't be as clear to know what it's thinking.
In all that, the main message of the movie is a great and transcendental one. And the movie itself is fun and worthy to watch for its cultural significance, the message and the comic situations.

(25 Messages in 3 pages - View all)
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