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Var ya
1.       KediNero
418 posts
 22 Apr 2014 Tue 03:52 pm

What does it mean var ya, and how to use it?

Sen var ya

Ben senin var ya

O Mehmet var ya (You know that Mehmet)?

Ben seni var ya?



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2.       ikicihan
1127 posts
 22 Apr 2014 Tue 09:43 pm

Bir de "seni gidi seniii" var...

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3.       tunci
7149 posts
 22 Apr 2014 Tue 11:10 pm


Quoting KediNero

What does it mean var ya, and how to use it?

Sen var ya

Ben senin var ya

O Mehmet var ya (You know that Mehmet)?

Ben seni var ya?




Var ya ---> You know...

Beyoğlunda Atatürk heykeli var ya, orada bekle beni ---> You know Ataturk statue in Beyoglu, just wait for me there [in front of it]


Sen var ya 

That kind of collaquial phrase may mean many things. It all depends on the context. You got to know the context to find out in what purpose that person is saying it , it could have been used for one of the following purpose ;

- to insult  --> Sen var ya [çok malsın or çok gerizekalısın ! ] ---> You, such an idiot !

- to praise --> Sen var ya [ acayip çalışkan bi adamsın ! ] ---> You are such a hardworker dude !

- to threaten  ----> Sen var ya, bir daha gözükme gözüme ! ---> Hey you , dont you ever get in my eye sight ! [ Dont you ever come near me ! ]

- to advice you on something ---> Sen var ya, gel benim sözümü dinle. Pişman olmazsın ---> Look, just listen to me. You won´t regret it.

- to tease you  ---> Sen var ya , çok çapkın adamsın ! ---> you are such a womanizer man !


O Mehmet var ya ---> Here, again its better to know the context , that could mean ;

You know that Mehmet..........


If the person says "ya" longer than normal , than he may be annoyed with Mehmet. Or, he is just drawing your attention on Mehmet.

O Mehmet var yaaa !

That .......... Mehmet !!!  


Ben seni var ya ---> If the statement is not continuing, then it is probably threatening statement ,

Ben seni var ya.. ---> D on´t make me mad otherwise you will see what I would do...--> something like that..


 But, if the statment continues, it can be either affectionate word or threatening word;

- Showing affection to a child or to a lover ;

- Ben seni var ya , yerim ! ---> Hey you, I can eat you , cus you are so sweet !!

- Ben seni var ya, doğduğuna pişman ederim ---> You know what, I would make you regret that you came into the world. 


Ben senin var ya ---> This one is a clean sign that most probably a swearing word is coming. And even nothing follows it, still considered as a swearing word.

Unless, the person says someting like ;

Ben senin var ya bütün konuşmalarını dinledim. ---> You know what, I listened to all your conversations.  


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4.       KediNero
418 posts
 23 Apr 2014 Wed 12:21 am

Thank you, that´s excelent explanation {#emotions_dlg.applause}

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5.       mithrandir
5 posts
 09 Jan 2016 Sat 03:55 am

Thank you  

6.       mithrandir
5 posts
 17 May 2016 Tue 01:59 pm

what does this mean:


Ben senin var ya lafınla şekil alamam
Ben senin var ya halini yadırgayamam
Sen benim var ya tırnagıma makas bile
Sen benim var ya e ne söylesem nafile

this is a song from Yildiz Tilbe  

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