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Snowing season in Turkey
1.       mlashkar
57 posts
 03 Oct 2005 Mon 01:53 pm

Hi everybody. I was in Turkey this summer and I visited Istanbul, Bursa, Yalova, Abunt and Uzungöl. I like the cool places so I like uzungol the most. I may visit it again in Febraury. I want to ask is it snowing in uzungol at this time or not. Uzungol is a small village about 120km from Trabzon. Thank you and I hope when I visit it I can speak little Turkish.

2.       mlashkar
57 posts
 08 Nov 2005 Tue 03:29 am

Hi everybody. I am repeating my question. Does anyone know if it is snowing in uzungöl in February. Thanks alot.

3.       admin
758 posts
 08 Nov 2005 Tue 07:54 am

I have never been to Uzungöl, but I think it snows in winter over there.

4.       Angela
75 posts
 08 Nov 2005 Tue 08:36 am

Ski-ing: Does anyone know if you can have a ski-ing holidays in the snow capped areas:

Hoping this Xmas to have a week ski-ing, after the trauma of last Xmas. Having had a major op. and sitting around for 4 months resting, putting weight on. Now I feel more agile and want to do something exhilarating.

If anyone can give me advice on any ski areas anywhere. I would be pleased to know.

5.       Jonathan
30 posts
 08 Nov 2005 Tue 11:47 am

Hi Angela, yes, you can have skiing holidays in Turkey, I was in Uludag last year skiing and it was very good. If you check on the net for "Ski Turkey" there is a web site I think with all of the resorts, 9 or 10 if I remember rightly. The Turkish tourist boaard sent me some brochures but I don't have them to hand at the moment.

6.       Angela
75 posts
 08 Nov 2005 Tue 10:55 pm

Jonathan: Thank you for information.

7.       Angela
75 posts
 09 Nov 2005 Wed 11:05 pm

Jonathan: Please let me know if it was extremely cold. Or is it sunshine reflecting the snow:

8.       Jonathan
30 posts
 10 Nov 2005 Thu 10:20 am

Hi, when I was there it was quite early in the season and a mix of snowy weather and sunshine. When the sun was shining it was excellent. I will certainly go again when I get the chance.

9.       Angela
75 posts
 10 Nov 2005 Thu 05:34 pm

Jonathan: Wow....... I have looked at website, and Uludag/Bursa is only 1 or 1 and half hours south of Istanbul. Starting 27th December until April which is excellent.

10.       miss_ceyda
2627 posts
 19 Nov 2005 Sat 04:17 pm

i think its worth going to uzungöl whether its snowing or not actually!! its a very beautiful place.. i personally loved it there

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