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Why are turkish people so afraid of cold?
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10.       stumpy
638 posts
 16 Sep 2014 Tue 11:13 pm

The first time I went to Turkey, prior to going my friends told me bring warm cloths it is still cold here.  This was the end of April begining of May.  I am from Canada, I got on the plane in a snow storm, arrived in Dalaman at night and it was 18 degrees, in the day it went up to 25-28 degrees.  That is summer weather for me and they said it was cool.  I had to buy a few peice of clothing that were cooler but I was dieing of heat for a whole month  Iwas there.  {#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}

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11.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 17 Sep 2014 Wed 10:30 am


Quoting raydin



yes because they believe if a breeze touches you even if for a few seconds you can get ill. so i too had to sweat in hot transportation buses :/


I use to go to Istanbul 2-3 times/year, during all seasons; and I love to take bus or tram or metro; last time I was in June, were about 28-29C and all window of bus were opened; but tram and metro have conditioned air, so ..no problem of sweat

12.       ikicihan
1127 posts
 19 Sep 2014 Fri 12:32 am

Why are turkish people so afraid of cold? The answer is simple: Because of their moms.


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13.       alameda
3499 posts
 20 Sep 2014 Sat 10:51 pm

I don´t think that is true at all. I am not Turkish, but I´ve been around Turks most my life and noticed they love to have windows open for a breeze. It is almost mandatory to have a balcony in homes where the doors are open, from what I´ve seen. 

Yes, they like to wear warm garments and wear socks or slippers in the home in order to not have cold on their feet. That is just good common sense IMHO. 

Turkish ice cream is famous and good. I don´t think eating really cold food is healthy. I, to try to keep to body temperature, maybe a little colder, but not much. 

Quoting raydin

Just curious. I´ve never experienced before in my life living in a country where all the people are so afraid of cold. It´s so nerve wrecking and stressful sometimes. Turkish people are so afraid of getting ill it´s such a big deal to them. For example they fear things like ice cream or cold yogurt cause they think anything cold that enters your body willake you Ill. They don´t like walking on the floor in their houses with out socks or slippers on because they believe walking on slightly cold floors will make you sick. When going outside in the fall, people bundle themselves and their children up so much, you almost feel like your in Alaska. These are just from my observations being here.


i have a theory why turkish people are so afraid of illness though.I think in turkey´s history because at one time it became a very poor country an people didn´t have adequate and nutritious foods. They lived off of mostly bread and herbs they could find. They were lacking the basic nutrition and vitamins the body needed to fight off illness thus making their bodies weak. So most fell ill and probably died. Because of that I think the turkish people in the past connected (only the cold) to causing the illnesses and not the lack of being with out nutrition and having weak immune system. & slowly this behavior and fear became embedded in the culture. Idk just my observation. Not trying to criticize. I also ask this to my turkish friends. They laugh about it too lol. 



14.       melikemtn
5 posts
 06 Oct 2014 Mon 12:38 pm

Hi. Firstly, i respect your opinion.

But I don´t think that all of the people in Turkey´re afraid of cold.

Because some people like cold here, like me. 

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