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What have we done to Turkish men?
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1.       tunci
7149 posts
 13 Sep 2014 Sat 08:30 pm

Interesting article :--->

What have we done to Turkish men?

BELGİN AKALTAN - belgin.akaltan@hdn.com.tr 

Turkish men are drawn away from Turkish women with the slightest temptation. Now, they are after Syrian wives. It used to be Russian wives about a decade ago...

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Now, they are after Syrian wives. They were after Russian wives about a decade ago, and now it is Syrians. In past centuries, it was the Ukrainians, Circassians and others…  

I call it the “unexplainable passion in Turkish men for foreign women.” I have written this before, and I am repeating myself, but I have a list of reasons I attribute to the modern appearance of this historic/genetic longing: Foreign women are pretty; they appear mysterious because they are foreign; they provoke the desire to fight and conquer in Turkish men. Also, there is the perception that they are available for sex. 

At the same time, they are so beautiful that their children might be prettier than one could ever imagine…

One other reason, I am guessing, is that foreign wives and girlfriends have no clue who the Turkish husband really is. The language barrier and cultural differences are perfect for hiding one’s real identity, and any jerk can pass for a fairly decent guy. 

Also, I have added this new reason to the list: Turkish girls are high maintenance; foreign girls do not demand that much. Turkish husbands love to exploit this non-demanding attitude. I know of a well-off Turkish husband who did not buy a washing machine for his Russian wife for a whole year. I don’t know why but he boasted that his wife hand-washed the laundry. 

Now, you cannot do this to any Turkish women. Also, there was another case in which a Turkish husband opened a restaurant, and his Russian wife was helping out, including by cleaning the toilets. Now, you cannot expect a Turkish wife to do this, either. No way; she would rather close the restaurant and suffer in poverty. 

Another Turkish husband was telling his Turkish first wife why he loved his second wife, who was Russian: It was because she was cutting his toenails. I cannot write the first wife’s answer here. 

Yes, Turkish men like slave-wives. 

Sorry—the theme of this column was Syrian wives. Back to the theme: I know the situation of female refugees from Syria—actually, of all Syrian refugees, regardless of gender—is not a laughing matter at all. It is sad, tragic and inhuman....

And this, Turkish men “taking” Syrian wives, is another form of abuse, I know…. But isn’t it ironic how Turkish men are drawn away from Turkish women with the slightest temptation? 

A story I heard earlier in the week that made me think this. The story was that Turkish men now prefer to marry or “take” Syrian wives, traveling to the Southeast for this purpose. The funny part is not the tragicomic absurdity of the entire situation, but instead the reasons cited for this trend: Turkish men now marry Syrian women because they do not talk back to their husbands. Plus they are loyal and obedient. I started laughing at the “not talking” part when I heard it. I’m still laughing after three days. 

Here is the full story: Constanze Letsch from The Guardian wrote from Reyhanlı, Kilis and Gaziantep on Sept. 8 that an increasing number of women who have fled conflict are opting to marry Turks. Kemal Dilsiz, a matchmaker in a village close to the Syrian border said, “I married off around 60 Syrian girls. Men from all over Turkey call me, looking for a wife from Syria. They say Syrian women are more loyal, more obedient, that they don’t talk back.”

What have we done to our men? They cannot overcome their centuries-old need, passion, greed, craving, their appetite of being served. Modernization has worked against them, poor guys… 
Nobody is serving them nowadays: Now, they have to stand up to independent, strong, non-obedient and, worst of all, “talking” wives…

As Newton’s Third Law states, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is not a surprise that Turkish girls are after foreign men, including Arab men. Guys, don’t be offended. Just reverse the reasons that draw you to foreign women, and you will see why Turkish girls are attracted to foreign men.

Oh, what am I doing? My mailbox will be full of angry mails now… Never mind…

I don’t know what’s going on in my Turkish husband’s mind about foreign women, but I really don’t want a foreign husband who cannot speak my language… I don’t want an obedient, non-talking husband… God, no. 

Though I would consider my chances with Andre Rieu, if we were both available… And maybe Josh Holloway, you know, “Sawyer” from “Lost,” although he may be too young for me… Or Julio Iglesias, although he is too old… Oh, also Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, whatever age he is. (Yes, I know he is Turkish.)  

Source :

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2.       doudi94
845 posts
 13 Sep 2014 Sat 09:57 pm

If I could just comment on this weird phenomenon thats also happening here in Egypt!!


Just last week my friend and I attented an engagement party of one of our older friends to a syrian girl-its happening more and more each day!

I know the number of syrian refugees in Egypt is much less than that of Turkey but they have shook the economy so greatly. Some neighborhoods in cairo now consist mainly of a syrian population-mainh of them high end/posh neighborhoods others of course not so much. Rent prices have sky rocketed-syrian fast food restraunts/grocers...etc etc are on every corner. Universities public/private-cheap and expensive are full of syrian cliques and groups-actually competing with egyptian students. 

I too know that whats happening in Syria is a huge tragedy-and that we as arabs should and are obliged to be more helpful to them than turks for example but our country is already in alot of turmoil. May God end all wars..


Anyway back to the point-so many Egyptian men are now choosing syrian wives for the same reasons! 

More obedient.

Prettier (?)

Take better care of their husband/children


but I think the real truth is that theyre exploiting their circumstances, theyre less likely to demand things from them. Also, a contributing factor I think is the dowry which is paid before marriage-a syrian father would probably ask for less because he just wants to see his daughter married.


Even if those are or are not the reasons Egyptian men also loooooove hating on egyptian women-WHAT HAVE WE DONE.



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3.       harp00n
3993 posts
 13 Sep 2014 Sat 10:34 pm

I think she exaggrated a little bit {#emotions_dlg.nargile}

4.       AzerbayCan61
44 posts
 14 Sep 2014 Sun 12:25 am

They are Kurdish men because Kurds are generally polygamy In Azerbaijan, the Russian marriages are more. Slavic women best in the world. Because zero makeup, flawless beauty{#emotions_dlg.flowers}

Edited (9/14/2014) by AzerbayCan61

5.       khaledpage
4 posts
 14 Sep 2014 Sun 01:54 am

"They say Syrian women are more loyal, more obedient, that they don’t talk back.”

Well , Syrian women are just like any women (they know what the men want and what the men need)

They will be obedient for week personality men

And they dont talk back cz they simply can handle any situation with a different ways. 

And the are loyal , all women in the world trying to seek this reputation, but not all of them can succeed. 

6.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 14 Sep 2014 Sun 08:51 pm

Perhaps we are just looking at this the wrong way.  Maybe Turkish men are not seaking foreign brides...maybe many of the worlds women want a foreign husband (ie Turkish man).  {#emotions_dlg.lol_fast}

I wasn´t really looking for a Turkish husband...but I have one.  He really isn´t very different from anyone else.  He just happens to be Turkish.  

I think with the birth of the internet and the ability to travel is just making it easier for people of all countries to "find something different." And why not?  It makes life exciting.  

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7.       ikicihan
1127 posts
 15 Sep 2014 Mon 10:04 pm

Türk kadınları da sütten çıkmış ak kaşık değil.

It would be even more interesting if some expert wrote an article about turkish women and their attitude towards their husbands. the article above isnt complete and written in a feministic style.

8.       raydin
135 posts
 16 Sep 2014 Tue 01:53 pm

Well personally i do agree with the statement that turkish woman are high maintanence because frankly, well they are. their usually very prim and proper and want designer things. anyway as far as turkish men. typically you do have those who treat their wives badly, as you do in any culture, but you also have those turkish men who treat their wives pretty decent. it all depends on the guy and what kind of family he comes from. as far as the marrying foreign woman situtation, i dont see a problem in that. if people want to marry out of their culture and marry into another culture, all power to them. however, it does add another challenge to the relationship because your bringing two opposing cultures under one roof and sometimes it can cause clashing. for ex. im american my spouse is turkish. in their culture they do bizarre things sometimes i would never give second thought to and this causes problems for us but if you can work around it then everything should be A okay

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9.       denizli
970 posts
 16 Sep 2014 Tue 05:15 pm


Quoting raydin

for ex. im american my spouse is turkish. in their culture they do bizarre things sometimes i would never give second thought to and this causes problems for us but if you can work around it then everything should be A okay


That´s interesting, any kinds of things you can mention?

10.       raydin
135 posts
 16 Sep 2014 Tue 10:52 pm

Nothing I can think of at the top of my head right now. But no worries according to my spouse in western culture were crazy and don´t care about anything.  (Kinda true) ha

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