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1.       doudi94
845 posts
 17 Sep 2014 Wed 07:12 pm

As an introduction- Im a Med student (egyptian) and in my university we have whats called a model WHO- where we form a miniature and model WHO each delegate representing a certain country at the end of the year in a ´confrence´ to discuss a political crisis that affects health and health care (Last year we discussed the syrian crisis and the Polio outbreak-I was a representative of Turkey). Anyway, this year I applied and got accepted into the role of ´Political Advisor´ and my job is to inform the delegates and broaden heir political scope and knowledge discussing different topics each session.


ANYWAAAAAAY-a regional/local topic occuring now is the Muslim Bortherhood dilemna and ISIS and all these topics somehow in our media return to Turkey. Turkey and Qatar ofcourse who are accused everyday on every channel of being the financors of terrorism and etc etc. Now thats the Egyptian view on things and Id really like to hear the other point of view!

-Why are MB members seeking refugee in Turkey? Also during Morsi´s rule Turkish-Egyptian relations were super tight, not to mention the Rabaa protests that occured in Turkey after Morsi´s ousting.


-Most people wishing to reach ISIS go through the turkish borders-is Turkey really not aware of that? Is it allowin extremists and jihadists to secretly pass through its borders, turnng a blind eye? Will Turkey really become the harbor for Islamist extremists? Has Erdogan lost it? Has he lost his non-extremist islamic ´coverup´ and beginning to show his true self?


-Whats the opinion of turkish population-the normal turkish citizen of whats happening in the region and their newly elected presidents decisions?



NB-I have no personal opinion on any of this and I really have no idea if Erdogan is an extremist or not-nor do I have a personal opinion of the MB or whether or not it was a coup etc etc Not my questions.

2.       teaschip
3870 posts
 29 Sep 2014 Mon 07:51 pm

They don´t need visas to enter the country, so there are no measure of controls they have for the brotherhood to enter upon. I think there is enough pressure from the western and arab countries for Erdogan to think heavily upon.  However, it is no real secret that Turkey has been training and aiding Syrian Rebels for a long time.  Just this year there have been allegations that Turkey has thrown up "false flag terror" by their own admission.  Just like many countries have admit doing.  I think Erdogan talks out of both sides he first bargains with ISIS that no military action will take place.  Now he is stating he will do "whatever is needed" when the pressure is on. 

Edited (9/29/2014) by teaschip

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