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suffixes for bura, ora, şura
1.       Arsenia
6 posts
 23 Sep 2014 Tue 12:56 pm


I am a bit confused with the suffixes. In my book there is a tamamlayıcı bilgiler but no meaning is added so it is hard to figure out what it means exactly.

burası-??? this place???

buraya-to here

buradan-from here


burada- in here

There is a question : Burası neresi?- What is this place? (at least I think it means that)


oraya-to there

oradan-from there


orada-in there








How to use lı, (-li, -lu, lü  and -sız, (-siz, -suz, -süz )

Is it `with `(lı ) and `without `(-sız) ?


It is very hard to learn alone. Please If anyone could help would be appreciated. Teşekkür ederim

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2.       tunci
7149 posts
 23 Sep 2014 Tue 01:49 pm


About bura:

burada =  here, in here [lit : bura +da [in] ---> in here]

Burada kaç kişi var ? --> How many people [there are] in here ?

buraya = to here

Buraya gel. [ come here]  Bura + y [buffer] + a [to] [lit: to here]

Buradan = Bura + dan [from] ---> From here

Otobüse buradan bineceksin ---> You will get the bus from here.

Buranın = of here [possesive]

Buranın yemekleri çok güzel ---> The food of this place is very nice.

                                            [The food in this place [restaurant] is very nice]

Buradaki = the thing that is here

Bura +da + ki [that]

Buradaki arabalar yeni ---> The cars that are here are new.


- imagine you are in a turkish minibus [dolmuş] and you want to get off and you can say to driver ;

Burada inmek istiyorum ---> I want to get off  [in] here.


- you want your friend come to where you are and you want to say ;

I want you to come [to] here ---> Buraya gelmeni istiyorum.


- you want to ask someone if what he is doing there -->

what are you doing  [in] here ? ---> Burada ne yapıyorsun.


Bura ---> This form is generally used with adjectives [to describe the place]

Burası çok karanlık ---> Here [this place] is very dark.

Bura çok pahalı ---> Here [this place] is very expensive.


Buradayken ---> Bura + da + iken = while [I ,you,he,she,it,we,they]  am,is ,are [was,were] here

While I was here  -->  [Ben ] buradayken...

While you were here --> [Sen] buradayken...

While he/she was here ---> [O] buradayken...


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3.       Arsenia
6 posts
 23 Sep 2014 Tue 08:02 pm

Oh, thank you for the insight! Your post is very helpful!{#emotions_dlg.yes}

Can you tell me about burayı and the rest as well later on when you have time?{#emotions_dlg.shy}

4.       denizli
961 posts
 23 Sep 2014 Tue 08:39 pm

I think Burayı is when you are using here as an object:

Burayı sevdin mi? -i accusative (Did you like here?)

5.       tunci
7149 posts
 23 Sep 2014 Tue 08:54 pm


Quoting denizli

I think Burayı is when you are using here as an object:

Burayı sevdin mi? -i accusative (Did you like here?)


That is right explanation. 

With some verbs which requires an accusative marking we add -I [i,] in the end of "bura" some of those verbs :

-i bilmek  [ to know something]

- i sevmek [ to like/love something]

- i  görmek [ to see something]

- i temizlemek [ to clean something]

-i  satmak  [ to sell something] [ if it is a definite object]


Burayı bilmiyorum. ---> I don´t know here.

Burayı  sevmiyorum. ----> I don´t like here.

Burayı daha önce görmedim. ----> I haven´t seen here before.

Burayı temizle ----> Clean here.

Burayı satmayı düşünüyorum. ---> I am thinking to sell here.


Note: "y" between two vowels funciton as a buffer letter to connect two vowels.




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6.       tunci
7149 posts
 23 Sep 2014 Tue 09:05 pm


How to use lı, (-li, -lu, lü  and -sız, (-siz, -suz, -süz )

Is it `with `(lı ) and `without `(-sız) ?


Yes, thats correct. -li,lı, lü, lu ["with" ]   -siz, -suz, -süz  [withouth]
Şekerli - Sugary [with sugar]
Şekersiz -  Sugarless [without sugar]
Gürültü - Noisy  [With noise]
Gürültüsüz - noiseless [without noise]

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7.       tunci
7149 posts
 23 Sep 2014 Tue 09:31 pm

We can also use plural forms of those words

Buralar, Oralar, Şuralar

ora + lar [plural]

oralarda hayat nasıl ----> how´s the weather over there ?

Bura + lar 

Buralarda hayat zor. ----> Life is hard here.

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