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1.       Abla
3647 posts
 17 Oct 2014 Fri 04:43 pm

Merhaba I have a small problem to solve and I wonder if there is someone here who could help me.


I need to record the voice of a telesekreter saying


            "Aradığınız numara kullanılmamaktadır. Lütfen numarayı kontrol ediniz."


It is for a theatre play whose premiere is in Helsinki after a couple of weeks.



I have searched the Internet in a dozen different ways but with no luck. The sound designer says it could be recorded from an authentic phone call also but whom shall I call in order to get this automatic answer? :O

2.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 17 Oct 2014 Fri 06:10 pm

merhaba Ablacığım, nasılsın, umarım iyisindir

bunu buldum ama istediğin şey keşfetmek biraz zor...

bilgisayar programcısı ya da uzmanına lazım..ama..belki şanslı olacaksın, inşallah





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3.       tomac
975 posts
 23 Oct 2014 Thu 10:19 pm

Not sure if this helps... But if it can be male voice, then you could use this open source synthesizer:




There are Turkish male voices in "Voices" dropdown at the bottom of the page: "dfki-ot-hsmm tr male hmm" and "dfki-ot tr male unitselection general". After selecting one of them, paste the text to the box labeled "Input box" and click "SPEAK" button at the bottom of the page. You can also download sound file by clicking "Save audio file" link. Not sure if this would suit your needs?


My first thought was to use http://www.ivona.com/en , but apparently they have removed "Download" option from this site some time ago. Technically, it is of course possible to download synthesized speech from there, but I´m not sure if this would be legal, or in other words, if authors of Ivona would be happy if speech synthesis generated for demonstration, would be used for some other purpose (and I don´t have enough mental power to struggle with "Terms of use" page).

Edited (10/23/2014) by tomac
Edited (10/23/2014) by tomac

4.       Abla
3647 posts
 24 Oct 2014 Fri 12:00 am

Thanks, tomac, you always have these funny technical solutions.


Actually my Turkish teacher Hatice hanım solved it for us. She acted as our telesekreter and read the announcement. We found it important that it is a female voice.


I will bookmark your site for later use, at least I can use it for practical jokes.

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5.       tomac
975 posts
 24 Oct 2014 Fri 12:07 am

Some jokes with speech synthesizers can be really practical. Once I used "Ivona" to order a pizza by phone. I can assure you that it works

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