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Türkiye yolculuğum
1.       Penguin
10 posts
 12 Nov 2014 Wed 03:04 pm

I would like to get the most out of my visit next year when I go to Turkey and would like members input please. We will be in İstanbul for 7 days, a short time. What do,you recommend that we not miss? 

Ben Türkıye´de gelecek yıl gidiyorum. Lütfen planlama yardım ediniz. Biz 7 günler İstanbul´ da.  Ne tavsiye edersiniz biz kaçinmıyoruz. 

Please correct my Turkish along with answers. 

Teşekkür ederim 😍

2.       denizli
970 posts
 12 Nov 2014 Wed 04:29 pm


Quoting Penguin


Biz 7 günler İstanbul´ da.



Türkıye´ye - you go to somewhere.

When you specify a number, you should not make it plural.

Biz 7 gün İstanbul´da kalacağiz - We will stay 7 days in Istanbul.


I´m not sure about the rest. I haven´t been to Istanbul (yet).

3.       Abla
3648 posts
 12 Nov 2014 Wed 04:44 pm

I am no expert but I would like to recommend a couple of experiences:


1. If you are a book lover and you still have time prepare for your visit by reading Masumiyet müzesi by Orhan Pamuk and then visit the Museum of Innocence in Beyoğlu. The museum takes you back to the story with its huge collection of everyday life items and it also serves those who want to take a look at Istanbul as it was not such a long time ago.


2. Don´t miss the Asian part. Actually stay there if you can. Enjoy the sea wind in Kadıköy rıhtımı  -  the beach boulevard  -  and have an easygoing cup of tea by the Bosphorus at one of the simple seafront cafes between Üsküdar and Harem.


3. Travel in the city by sea. It is an easy way to orientate and see more. You can comfortably rest your feet and see how the details of your port of destination slowly come to sight.

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4.       KediNero
418 posts
 12 Nov 2014 Wed 06:45 pm

There is many places you can visit in İstanbul, when i go i will for sure visit this places.


Cevahir shopping mall


Florya aquarium or Turkuazoo






Kapalı çarşı / Mısır çarşısı


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