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Help pls: getting hubby gift of Turkish TV channels
1.       tfeddern
1 posts
 10 Dec 2014 Wed 11:44 pm

Merhaba! My husband is graduating this Friday--yay!  Anyways, I want to surprise him with Turkish TV. I messaged several Facebook Turk-Amer groups 6 weeks ago for advice, but only 1 replied.  


How do you watch Turkish TV in the US?


I know there are Turkish TV systems that use satellite, cable, or streaming Internet.  Which system do you recommend that I buy so my husband, our 6-year-old daughter, and I can watch Turkish TV?  


So far, the options that I know of are an Apple TV box and using the uyanik TV app (monthly fee) and playing it on my iPhone so it mirrors on our TV--but I don´t know if that requires a Bluetooth TV, HDMI cable, or what. And I don´t know if it ties up my iPhone for doing other things. 


The other options I know of is getting a DigiTurk box or a GLTurk box. 


I´d personally like to have an option that would get Arabic channels, too, especially for the old black & white Arabic movies. 


Teşekkür ederim!

2.       Penguin
10 posts
 11 Dec 2014 Thu 06:19 pm

have your tried Youtube ?

3.       KediNero
418 posts
 11 Dec 2014 Thu 11:14 pm

you can watch turkish and arabic tv channels from here







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