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50.       libralady
5152 posts
 08 Jun 2009 Mon 10:44 pm


Quoting lady in red



Oh!  They must be revamping it - new Mayor n´all.  I don´t know - first he fills in all the holes in our roads  now he wants to revamp the website!  Is there not end to his changes!!  lol lol


 What??? Filled in all the holes? How very dare he........... <img src='/static/images/smileys//lol.gif' alt='lol'> (fast)

51.       alameda
3499 posts
 16 Jun 2009 Tue 10:53 pm

I don´t know if this would interest many, it interests me. 

I was looking for a altitude map of Turkey and found this:


Domal uplift and volcanism in a collision zone without a mantle plume:
Evidence from Eastern Anatolia

52.       alameda
3499 posts
 17 Jun 2009 Wed 12:54 am

More maps of Turkey.....it has maps of the Hittite, Lydian, Phyrgia, Roman....and on and on....


I´m not sure of exactly how accurate they are....for instance, I didn´t see Lycia on it....so take it for what it´s worth...

and do whatever research you want.


Maps of Turkey


Found this too....topography, roads, railways...city maps....


More maps of Turkey

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53.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 17 Jun 2009 Wed 12:50 pm

Certainly intereting, Alameda, thanks for sharing

54.       merdzina005
17 posts
 16 Dec 2009 Wed 10:18 pm

I found Sertab´s guide to Istanbul. xD Everyone who wants to check it out:

Sertab´s guide to Istanbul

55.       maryilyons
153 posts
 21 Jun 2010 Mon 10:06 am



This is a great website started by an American guy who lives in Turkey, Tom Brosnahan. He has thousands of pages to help you plan your trip to Turkey as well as useful information about customs, visas, marriage in Turkey, and culture. There are also some great photos. This website is mostly for tourists, but can also be useful for people who want to live there.

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56.       caradillion
1 posts
 01 Aug 2010 Sun 02:22 am

I like www.alanya.tv a brill place to enjoy your holidays and also www.masallahinsallah.wordpress.com interesting stories about turkish love and bla bla also www.turkeycentral.com for gen info{#emotions_dlg.angel}



57.       paul1976
1 posts
 18 Mar 2011 Fri 05:48 pm

One of the best places in Bodrum that is well worth visiting is gumusluk, this site has some good information about the local area http://gumusluk.info/ .  Another great place to visit is Kadikalesi which is near to Turgutreis.  This site has some good info about the local area.   http://puretourism.co.uk/ Really good place for windsurfing!

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58.       canbanucan
1 posts
 18 Jul 2014 Fri 02:41 pm




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59.       toto071
3 posts
 25 Aug 2015 Tue 06:43 am

merci beaucoup les liens coque galaxy note 4 etui xperia z3

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60.       seyit
547 posts
 25 Aug 2015 Tue 04:43 pm

official website of Turkish tourism authority has improved much.




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