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How is the education system in Turkey?
1.       susie k
1330 posts
 04 Apr 2015 Sat 01:57 pm

Hi everyone.


We may move to Turkey shortly or may not!

I´ve tried posting on other forums but have not had much luck!!

I have two children and the eldest will be seven in September so she will start school. She is clever and has excelled in England but I´m really worried about her going to school. I have heard countless tales of teachers shouting at the children, overcrowded classrooms, students being ignored, hours and hours of homework every night etc etc. Is this really the case? Or is it people just trying to justify why they have moved to the U.K?


My husband looks baffled when I say this to him. He asks me the same question everytime!! " If that was the case then how do people go on to uni to become Drs etc? If that´s the case hw come I can speak different languages? If that was the case how come all the women in my family have been to uni?"


We will have to send them to a state school at least untill the youngest who is three can go to school so I can work full time. Then if we are not happy we can consider private education. But again I have emailed the schools and they haven´t given me much response as to how much it costs? I have the oppurtunity to return to the U.K in the school holidays to work and I can earn a good amount of money so I´m sure that everything will work itself out in the end.


Please can anyone advise me on this?


Also how much is the uniform and bus service to school, school meals etc etc?


Thankyou everyone. I know I haven´t been on here for years now, not much since 2004 actually!!


But it´s nice to report to everyone 11 years on we are still happily married and have two happy healthy and of course beautiful daughters!!!!



2.       turk_hoca
10 posts
 30 Apr 2015 Thu 12:41 am


I will try to answer some of your questions.

In my opinion, our education system is bad. In particular, your child is not going to learn any science if you won´t send him to a private school. Be careful though, even if you send him to a private school, he may not learn anything since quality of education in private schools is not absolute. I mean, some of them are good while some of them are bad.


By the way, in Turkey, art lessons are considered as "unnecessary", so I can assure you that he won´t have a chance to master at any art.


I know that I am pessimistic and I know that truths hurt.


I hope that this is helpful for you!, 

kendinize iyi bakın, sevgiler

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