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Sültan Süleyman
1.       rezayim
35 posts
 08 Aug 2015 Sat 06:34 pm

Hi Guys


I have been watching some epısodes of the TV serıes Muhteşem Yüzyıl. I am interested to know exactly what the palace guard(s) say before the Sültan emerges from the palace when everyone bows and stands completely silent.


For example.. Sültan Süleyman Hazreti .... (enters???) or ???

or attention.... Sültan S ...?????


I am not sure what is said when he enters somewhere for a meeting or to see his guards.




2.       MehmetK
67 posts
 09 Aug 2015 Sun 03:20 am

they call "Sultan Süleyman Hazretleri"


in turkish, we use plural additions for telling someone else about who we talking about. for example;


Mehmet beyler geldiler mi? 

as you see that i ask someone else about mehmet if he came or not but mehmet is an important person for everyone, so, because of this we -sometimes and not in street life except if you don´t mock about- use it for writing and in formal using.


Hazret means excellency and in english it should be like this:


Süleyman, your excellency or your lord or your majesty.


ps: can you explain why do you use "your majesty" in english? i never understand that. why is he yours?

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3.       trip
297 posts
 09 Aug 2015 Sun 09:21 am

Quote: MehmetK

ps: can you explain why do you use "your majesty" in english? i never understand that. why is he yours? 

When the sultan enters a room, in English the palace guards would say: "His Majesty, Sultan Süleyman." They would be announcing him in the third person, as if to say, "Behold, here is Süleyman the Majestic."

In English, one would say "your majesty" only when addressing the monarch. So it would be something like: "King Richard, Your Majesty." It is as if one is saying: "King Richard, you are majestic."

I guess monarchs need a lot of reassurance.


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4.       rezayim
35 posts
 09 Aug 2015 Sun 01:31 pm

Thank you guys.


I know the meaning of Hazret & lots of other Turkish words as I am Iranian (in origin). In any case, I did find out what the guards say in such circumstances:


Destür Sültan Süleyman Hazretleri


Incidentally, can someone please tell what is being said by the characters in these two short video clips. I find it rather hard to understand some of the words.





Many thanks.



5.       rezayim
35 posts
 09 Aug 2015 Sun 01:32 pm

trip, excellent explanation.

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