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1.       rezayim
35 posts
 10 Nov 2015 Tue 03:32 pm

A short conversation between the presenter and the contestent, in the clip below. Can someone please translate the conversation(I do understand some of it but not the whole conversation!!):




Many thanks.

2.       EmineNur
95 posts
 10 Nov 2015 Tue 10:41 pm

I try =>

She "Ayda music but it´s written in English"

He "I understood. Where are you from ? What´s your origin ? Are you Iranian?"

She "My dad is Iranian, my mum Turk and I was born in Sweden"

He "I understood. And I am a Danish. Where is your father ? (Baba ata I don´t know what that means...), Is he in Iran ?"

She "No. Since 30 years he didn´t go to Iran. He is in england, he works"

He "Do you see your father ?"

She "Yes I see"

He "You know Farsça (Farsi in English I´m not sure) ? That´s great !"

She speacks in Farsça, it´s quite like Kurd, she says something like "Yes I know Farsça"

He "Are you Iran Azeri, your father or?"

She "THey are immigrants from Caucasus (Kavkaz, is it Caucasus in English ?) now they are installed in Iğıdir"

He "Can I cuddle you" but he takes an accent to say that (for me it´s like Turkmen people )

I Think it´s correct

Edited (11/10/2015) by EmineNur
Edited (11/10/2015) by EmineNur

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3.       rezayim
35 posts
 11 Nov 2015 Wed 12:56 pm

EmineNur, many thanks for your effort. I really appreciate it.

I am sorry I made a mistake in my earlier message. I actually meant I wanted to understand the Turkish dialogue. Anyway, here is what I understand of it. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Adam: size kim?

Ayda: Ayda müzik

Adam: Ayda müzik?

Ayda: Ayda müzik ama ingilize yazıyorum

adam: anladım, siz nerelesiz... orijinizi nerele size .... iranlı misiniz?

ayda: babam iranlı ...annem türk ... ben ???????

adam: anladım anladım ... ben de ....??????????

adam: baba nerede baba? baba ab dad? (adam speaks farsi ... he says: daddy gave you water? baba=baba... ab=water ... dad=gave)

adam: baba nerede baba? iranda?

ayda: yok

adam: baba nerede?

ayda: otuz senedir irana gitmedi ... Şey ... ingilterede çalişıyor

adama : görüyorsun babayi?

ayda: görüyorum ... farsce???

adam: farsca? biliyorsun? ne güzel

ayda: are farsi baledem herf bezenem (yes i know how to speak farsi)

adam: siz bile ise(?) azeri? iran azeri baban yoksa?

ayda: annemler kefkazden göçti ..o ??? göçler??? 



Well, as you can see, I do not quite understand some of the conversation but it would be nice to know what they said.

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