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Syria Crisis Article
1.       denizli
961 posts
 04 Apr 2016 Mon 03:14 pm




I´m having some trouble understanding something. Hopefully someone can explain it to me. Why is Europe ´deporting´ Syrians to Turkey? i.e. Why are they calling that ´deporting´?


What if... there was a war in England. And the English refugees went to France. And some of these English refugees made it as far as Turkey. And then Turkey said they´re going to deport them back to ´France´. ?

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2.       Henry
2604 posts
 05 Apr 2016 Tue 01:23 pm


Quoting denizli

I´m having some trouble understanding something. Hopefully someone can explain it to me. Why is Europe ´deporting´ Syrians to Turkey? i.e. Why are they calling that ´deporting´?


My thoughts ....

Deporting refers to moving a foreign national out of a country.

Basically if they are not a citizen of that country, the process of getting them out of the country is deportation. If you are a citizen of the country and are removed from your own country that is called exiling.

Repatriation is where you are transported back to your country of citizenship.

Syrians can be deported from Greece to Turkey.

Turkey can repatriate Syrian refugees back to Syria.

Pakistani refugees can be deported from Turkey and Greece, but if they are flown back to Pakistan this would be considered repatriation.

3.       denizli
961 posts
 05 Apr 2016 Tue 03:16 pm

So then couldn´t Turkey deport Syrians to Greece or wherever in Europe just as legitimately?


And why is Turkey going along with this?

4.       trip
297 posts
 09 Apr 2016 Sat 09:05 am

Quote: Denizli

And why is Turkey going along with this?
I should probably not enter this conversation, not being a Turk, but what the heck. Turkey is going along with this because it is getting something in return. First, it is getting something like $6.5 billion in aid money, presumably to help with the housing, etc., of not only the refugees who will be returned but also the 2 million or so that are already in Turkey. Second, the EU has agreed to work toward visa-free travel for Turks in Europe. And third, the EU has agreed to reopen negotiations for Turkey to enter the bloc. At least, this is how I understand the deal. Please correct me if I am wrong. ... So, Turkey gets something in return. But my question is, what exactly is the motivation here? To some extent, Turkey has Europe over a barrel -- it is a chance to get some things it has not been able to achieve under other circumstances. Namely, some respect and consideration from Europe. But is that important to all Turks or more especially to President Erdoğan? I can´t say that I understand Turkish politics at all right now. I would be very interested to learn more about the inner workings here, if someone is willing to explain them.

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