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Turkish serials
1.       PeterE
22 posts
 21 May 2016 Sat 04:07 pm

Hi all,

I´m new here - I have a Turkish colleague who is crazy about Turkish TV-series. She watches them via satellite TV here in Scandinavia. Can somebody tell me whats the deal with them, I understand that 99 percent of the stories are romantic stuff!? Are there any other fans out there who can tell me (as I don´t understand Turkish) why these serials are so great?


2.       peyote
101 posts
 21 May 2016 Sat 08:40 pm

She watches for many reasons. It is typical drama series, but it also contains alot of familiar turkish culture for her. It gives her the heighten extreme emotional charge she is not getting in Scandinavia. Just go to utube and you can watch many that have english subtitles.

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3.       PeterE
22 posts
 22 May 2016 Sun 01:55 pm

"It gives her the heighten extreme emotional charge she is not getting in Scandinavia."{#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}


Well maybe it´s a way to get through the weather! (Like somebody once said: "Three months of winter and nine months of bad skating!)


Thank you peyote for the tip about youtube, I will give it a chance!


4.       denizli
961 posts
 22 May 2016 Sun 03:14 pm

It´s hard for me to compare Turkish series with other countries. But it is a big industry in Turkey. I think one of the biggest in the world. So lots of shows means variety and maybe because of that, there´s something for everyone. 


I watch Kara Para Ask. And some of the things they come up with are really different and crazy. Like things you would not find in the American shows.


This references says it´s 2nd largest exporter after US: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_television_drama

Edited (5/22/2016) by denizli
Edited (5/22/2016) by denizli

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5.       PeterE
22 posts
 22 May 2016 Sun 04:15 pm

Yeah, I´ve read the Wikipedia article too and it´s seems like it´s a huge industry! I did a quick pick on Youtube and watched the first episode of a series called Pramaparca - great stuff! Lots of dramatic music and melodrama, I like it!{#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}

It´s not that different from other countries I think, just "more of everything"!



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6.       PeterE
22 posts
 22 May 2016 Sun 04:16 pm

The English translation is "Broken Pieces" by the way (I don´t know if that´s correct.)

7.       trip
297 posts
 24 May 2016 Tue 08:45 am

"Paramparça" means "smashed to bits" or "broken to smithereens" or "all in pieces."  Isn´t that right? Teoman also has a song with this title.



8.       Sunshine State
1 posts
 05 Jun 2016 Sun 06:29 am

Hello everyone! Im not from Turkey and I dont know any turkish. the reason Im here are turkish movie series.

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