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çay var mi?
1.       Siavash2015
38 posts
 04 Apr 2017 Tue 11:41 am

Hi everyone,

You enter a cafe and ask :


çay var mı?



Does it mean:


 " do you have tea"?




Is there tea?

2.       harp00n
3993 posts
 04 Apr 2017 Tue 02:31 pm

It means; do you have a tea ?

3.       denizli
961 posts
 04 Apr 2017 Tue 03:18 pm

Yes in that context it´s like: do you have tea?

But here is the literal T/E:

Çay var mı? Is there tea?

Çayın var mı? Do you have tea?



Edited (4/4/2017) by denizli
Edited (4/4/2017) by denizli

4.       JNQ
465 posts
 04 Apr 2017 Tue 07:44 pm


Quoting denizli

Çayın var mı? Do you have tea?




Really I would use çayınız here. Like the other post, if you are a stranger or in a shop or restaurant and you don´t know the person helping you, it really is more polite.

It´s like saying the french ´tu´ or German ´du´ or Dutch ´jij´: it´s kinda rude if you don´t know the person.

5.       denizli
961 posts
 04 Apr 2017 Tue 08:14 pm


Quoting JNQ



Really I would use çayınız here...


Good point.


Çayın var mı? Literally, do you have tea? 

Çayınız var mı? Same but more polite, better to use this one at stores.

Edited (4/4/2017) by denizli

6.       Siavash2015
38 posts
 04 Apr 2017 Tue 08:18 pm

So guys, in the literal meaning, it means "is there tea?"

But in that context it means "do you have tea"?

Say I wanna ask someone "do you have a car?

Shall I use "var mi"?

7.       denizli
961 posts
 04 Apr 2017 Tue 08:21 pm


Quoting Siavash2015


do you have a car?



Bir araban var mı?

Add the ´n´ for you.


With çay var mı? there is nothing grammatical to say ´you´. But this is informal, and the meaning is equivalent to ´do you have tea´.

Edited (4/4/2017) by denizli

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