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Religion in Turkey?
1.       Dkat
15 posts
 06 Oct 2005 Thu 06:40 pm

Um, forgive my ignorance =/, what are the main religions of Turkey? (Islam?)

Is religion really important for Turkish people? How important? Would they be opposed to people of other religions (i.e. Christians) or people with different ways of life (i.e. gay people, independent women)? And how about Atheists/Agnostics? I have no religious belief whatsoever...would that be a problem if I go Turkey? I mean, I respect religion, but there'd probably be stuff I'd disagree with o.o...

Of course, that's not gonna stop me from going to Turkey one day . Die without seeing Istanbul, the once all powerful and beatiful capital of the Ottoman/Turk Empire? No way .

2.       erdinc
2151 posts
 06 Oct 2005 Thu 08:20 pm

Foreigners can be anything. This is not important at all and they are welcome.

The mainstream of Turks are religious but not practicing to much except a few times during the year when there is something special.
Normally you should pray 5 times a day and these times are acording the sun. In other words you should start praying when the sun comes up.
Practicing and religious Turks will not agree with this since they want to see things differently and they try hard to change things. The fact is that they wont be successfull. They want to force others to follow the strickly rules and according them you must obey.
When I was working in Turkey, in working hours I didnt mind to drink or eat something during Ramadan.

It is not polite drinking or eating in front of people who fast. But inside places where people normally eat or drink you can do so during Ramadan. For instance in cafe's, restourants or in offices where you drink normally coffee or tea you can do the same. And it is not polite to ask people not to drink or eat.

The purpose of Ramadan is to have control over your passions and soul. If you are easly getting angry with others you have no control and you are misunderstanding everything including the religion.

3.       bliss
900 posts
 06 Oct 2005 Thu 08:40 pm

Hello D_kat,
You can find the answer to your question here:

4.       erdinc
2151 posts
 06 Oct 2005 Thu 08:48 pm

Thank you bliss. I was looking for the word "secular". I forgot that word and found it again in the article.
Yes like it is said in that article "Turks are secular".

5.       uncharee
24 posts
 06 Oct 2005 Thu 09:25 pm


Add quoted text here

6.       asik_melek
12 posts
 06 Oct 2005 Thu 10:08 pm

Hi, Im not turkish either but I know many of them.
In Turkey the main religion is the Islam, however, you can find people that follow another religions too.
I can say that if you go to Turkey you wont have problems for not following their religion, they will respect you if you respect them too. They are good people and will receive u with open arms.
Turkish people is not obsesive with religion but you should respect the way they live.

7.       Dkat
15 posts
 07 Oct 2005 Fri 03:08 am

Çok Teşekkürler, everyone! This helps a lot, and the website was helpful as well.

In that case, I shall have no trouble when I go to Turkey. I am very respectful of people's religions and beliefs, as long as they don't try to enforce me into it.

8.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 07 Oct 2005 Fri 03:31 am

u can find here all of them
jewish, christian, budhist etc...

9.       ninuska
3 posts
 07 Oct 2005 Fri 11:49 am

According to me people shouldn`t be so obsessive about religion in public. if you blow to fire it will burn more. do not be afraid to travell all over the world, do not be affraid to meet other people thinkin they wont accept you just becauze your religion is different from their`s. Folk, we are all the same "human beings", the same substance flows through our veins....isn`t it?
we all know religion is sensitive, and misunderstanding can provide hate,sorrow,anmity and even take away our love.

I think a man should be a man with his own qualities,with his kindness... When you travell through your life be your own man no matter which religion you are and people will welcome you with love, and respect you.

Once when i was in Greece, one of friends i have meet there asked me about religion..
My answer was: We all believe in one God however we called Him, and we all have belief and faith in someone or sth different from us, in sth or someone that`s more powerfull than we are.
We were talking about values of people,about love..etc.. They realy liked and loved me.
And one night they saw me doing namaz. What are you doing..they asked
I pray ...I answered..and with a smile I said: That`s the way like Muslims pray...

And believe me nothing has changed, they liked me at that moment as equal as thay liked me when then first saw me.

there was no problem accepting each others,we found common word, even at the end when we leard eachother`s religions nothing haschanged.

An advice: Keep your belief in your heart which ever your religion is, pray silently for your soul whatever you pray for, do not speak loud when you aren`t asked, be youself an you`ll be a man for a mankind, and be welcome everywhere.

sorry it was long but i hope you get the point

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