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Bogazici University Istanbul?
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10.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 28 Aug 2006 Mon 01:06 am

I took a quick look and they are in Antalya and Alanya as well. But I think that the level of courses may vary from city to city.

If I were you I'd inform a bit, maybe they have an exam to state what course level you should take.

Before I choose my course at EGE Üniversitesi, I also went to Tömer-office in Izmir. I loved it there. It was right in the city-centre, close to sea, in a beautiful shopping alley and the building was nice and cold Their classes usually are with only 8 students, so you get a lot of attention. Everybody recommended me Tömer too.

11.       qdemir
812 posts
 28 Aug 2006 Mon 01:06 am

As I attented Boğaziçi University for two years I can tell you the course must be well. However you are too hopeful for a rental flat in Bebek. You must consider paying about 2500 YTL for a flat with two bedrooms, if you can find a flat for rent. It is difficult to find a rental flat in Bebek.

12.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 28 Aug 2006 Mon 01:09 am

Quoting christine_usa:

You have me very curious- I am going to look into Izmer... I am not a city person, and I long to escape Philadelphia in the summer...

Thank you!

Well.. Izmir is a big city (for Dutch standards )> it has between 2 and 3.5 million inhabitants. But compared to Istanbul, it is nothing

You can easily escape the city-life though and what I experienced in the three times I've been there, is that the life is not hectic but really peaceful. The traffic is just great! They drive like Turks do (crazy!), but because everybody does so, the traffic seems to go so smooth.

There is a nice ferryboat going from one side of the city to another. I found it really relaxing. I wish I needed to take the ferry to my university Then everyday if i got up early, I would be pissed at my alarm and want to sleep more, but as soon as i'd be on the sea, everything would be well

13.       mltm
3690 posts
 28 Aug 2006 Mon 01:11 am

Quoting christine_usa:

(by the way- Istanbul is definitely not my preference- I prefer to be south on the Med. sea- but I was told I would never find Turkish language classes for English speakers there)

It's ofcourse your choice but have you visited Istanbul? I don't know what you like but you can really have fun in Istanbul. You can find the best night life I guess.
But ofcourse the south gives you the chance to enjoy the sea and the sun more but the weather there is hot like hell in summer time.

14.       christine_usa
284 posts
 28 Aug 2006 Mon 01:20 am

This feedback is so helpful- I can't believe 2500 YTL for one month in Bebek! Much more than I expected.

I want a superb language course- that is the priority. The second priority is to be with Omer. We might need to be in Istanbul, as his father is very, very sick, and I think he needs to be near.

I am a dedicated student. I did a Spanish language immersion program in Puerto Rico for 6 months - (years ago in university), but I was "thinking" in Spanish and conversational in 3 months and received straight "A"'s for 18 credits.

I know I can do this! Especially since I am studying on my own every day and meeting with a tutor once a week.

I hate cities, but given Omer's father's situation we might need to be there. I'm a quiet, cook and read a book kind of person at night.

But, I will explore all options, as a great deal could change by now and the application deadline of March 1, 2007.

Thank you again!!

15.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 28 Aug 2006 Mon 01:25 am

Well, I think Istanbul can be hectic, but if you take the time, I'm sure you can find peaceful places near Bosporus too!

Where does Omer live? I would make that my priority, as it will be strange to be in Turkey but not be with your lover.

I'm sure you can figure something out. The pool-thing Meltem said sounds really tempting.. and I don't even like swimming

16.       christine_usa
284 posts
 28 Aug 2006 Mon 01:29 am

Omer will be living with me. Our goal is to see how compatable we are- and a two bedroom would be nice for space, but it doesn't seem affordable in Istanbul.

Anywhere near the sea is good for me. I just want to see and walk near water.

His family is in Beygelou (I know I am spelling that incorrectly)

Thanks again Esther!

17.       mltm
3690 posts
 28 Aug 2006 Mon 10:03 am

In Istanbul, it's also possible to find cheap flats. They're in old buildings and in less popular quarters. I'm not very experienced about it, but maybe you should give at least 500 ytl and make a good investigation. Maybe you might find cheaper in a bad condition and a poor district. But you say you want a flat near sea, and the most expensive flats are near sea.
I would never dare to find one in Bebek. It's the highest class most popular place.

But I think you can find a small and an old flat in Beyoğlu. It's a poor district but it has a magical atmosphere for me, one of the oldest and most colorful quarters in Istanbul, but I should say it's a 24 hour living place.

18.       Chantal
587 posts
 28 Aug 2006 Mon 11:13 am

My friend from Bursa is also convinced that Tömer is the best! I'm thinking about going there, but only for a month.

Good luck, and keep us informed if you're actually doing the course

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