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Laz man?
1.       christine_usa
284 posts
 29 Aug 2006 Tue 02:21 am

I received the following quotes from my friend Kansav about Omer after he viewed his pictures, (our tour guide in Turkey) but do not understand the reference.

"i am soo happy that you find LOVE and refreshed in your Turkey tour ..
Omer is a real Laz Man ! we call them Laz in Turkey.
blond , coloured eyes, they talk fast, they are very enjoyable, love to make
jokes and real Man !"

"and also they can make horon dance... its a great folk dans of laz's."

"and they love anchovy (hamsi) !

"if i were u i go to black sea region to their home city.
its just like swiss alpins and paradise!!

Please help....

Tesekkür ederim,

2.       gezbelle
1542 posts
 29 Aug 2006 Tue 06:15 am

i think "laz" refers to the people from the black sea region of turkey.

so when he says "laz man" he means that omer is from the black sea region.

please correct me if i am wrong though.

3.       Lapinkulta
0 posts
 29 Aug 2006 Tue 07:57 am

I wanna reply this question as a blacksea's man.it is also same wrong knowledge about Laz in Turkey.Laz is a very small community that live in east of blacsea region.they speak different language and has different culture.They all are different then Turkish.But all Blacksea's are not LAZ.BlackseaS people who live in east of the region have common properties like speak turkish with different accent,mostly blond,colored hair,love to make jokes, enjoyable, play horon and likes anchovy....
these are common for all eastern blacsea's but some of them are also common for LAz but They have different mother language...if you wanna see more about laz,
in these site,dont try to practise in turkish coz they are practising different language that used by LAZ..in this site you see see common blackseas and laz cultures,typicle blacseas man and woman..
have a nice day

4.       christine_usa
284 posts
 29 Aug 2006 Tue 01:44 pm

Thank you so much! The website is very interesting (I clicked on the English link), and it's a great resource, particularly since it explains in such depth the scope of this culture in Russia and Georgia as well. (I teach 3 Georgian students who might find the link interesting also)

I now understand the term....


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