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1.       admin
758 posts
 09 Sep 2004 Thu 09:15 pm

Feel free to post your questions, comments or discussion topics here. Any member of our web site can reply your message.

2.       alyaa
115 posts
 02 Oct 2004 Sat 09:00 pm

i would like to ask a question
if i want to tell some one who asked me about a private thing ( this is none of your business) in turkish what should i say
plz help me.

3.       alyaa
115 posts
 02 Oct 2004 Sat 09:05 pm

i have an idea if you do not mind i think it will be nice if you added a place for turkish proverb
proverb are an important feature in any state and i know alot i can give you too much
here is one:
( kusursuz dost arayan, dostsuz kalir)
(if you searched for a perfect friend you will not find a friend)
i wish you will like it also any one who want to speak turkish will like it

4.       admin
758 posts
 03 Oct 2004 Sun 06:28 am

For 'This is none of your business!', you can say:

- (Sen) Kendi işine bak.
- Seni ilgilendirmez.

Somebody must have annoyed you

5.       admin
758 posts
 10 Oct 2004 Sun 08:13 am

Oh, and thank you for your suggestion about proverbs, I think that'd be nice. I'll think of something when I have more time and energy.

6.       toadsting
2 posts
 21 Oct 2004 Thu 10:26 pm

I would like to ask, how do I know what syllable to put the accent on when I am trying to pronounce words. I am literally learning from your site (which is great so far!), and looking through the vocabulary I just was wondering about the accent (i.e., is Merhaba pronounced more like MER-haba, or Mer-HABA?)? I know the accented syllable is very important in Russian, but does it matter in Turkish?

7.       admin
758 posts
 21 Oct 2004 Thu 11:18 pm

Stress and tonation are also imprtant in Turkish, although I can't give a comparison with Russian Correct stress makes you better understood, but it doesn't change the meaning of the word except some special cases. The stress is not on the same syllable in all words. Here are some rules that may help:

=> In regular words with Turkish origin, stress is on the last sylable except verbs and adverbs.
- bar-DAK, ara-BA, ço-CUK...

=> Names are stressed on the last syllable.
- Os-MAN, Ke-NAN, Duy-GU...

=> If you add a suffix to these words, the stress moves to the new last syllable which is the suffix.
- bardak-TA, araba-YA, çocu-ĞUN...
(Some suffixes don't affect the stress however.)

There are exceptions to these and the big picture is a little more complicated actually, the best way to learn is to practice with somebody who knows these rules. It would be a good idea to have a section on the lessons about this topic.

8.       toadsting
2 posts
 01 Nov 2004 Mon 02:52 pm

When someone sneezes, what phrase should one respond with (akin to "God Bless You" or "Gesundheit" in English)?

9.       husnora
2 posts
 02 Nov 2004 Tue 02:49 pm

İf someone sneezes you can say "Çok yaşa" and that person replies "Sen de gör"

10.       alyaa
115 posts
 04 Nov 2004 Thu 09:47 am

i would like to ask something

the (eed)= bairam as the turkish people call it is about to come what is the best turkish sentences in this occaision

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