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Side, one of the best-known classical sites in Turkey, was an ancient harbor whose name meant pomegranate. Today a pretty resort town, its ancient ruins, two sandy beaches, many shops and extensive tourist accommodation attract throngs of visitors. There are numerous cafes and restaurants with a view of the sea, and the shops that line the narrow streets seli typical Turkish handicrafts including leather goods and Turkey's famous beautiful gold jewelery. Tne magnificent theater of the ancient city, built on colonnaded arches, is the largest in tne wncle area. (Closed for restoration) Other monuments include the agora, the Apollo Temple. whicn is situated near the sea. a fountain and necropolis. The extensive Roman baths. now a museum. houses one of Turkey's finest archaelogical collections.


http://www.about-turkey.com/tourism/side.htm (Location: Side, Antalya)
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Temple of Apollo Ancient Side Map A Brief History of Side Side Theater I Side Theater from Top Main Gate

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