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Hikaye Story

Senin dudakların pembe
Ellerin beyaz,
Al tut ellerimi bebek
Tut biraz!

Benim doğduğum köylerde
Ceviz ağaçları yoktu,
Ben bu yüzden serinliğe hasretim
Okşa biraz!

Benim doğduğum köylerde
Buğday tarlaları yoktu,
Dağıt saçlarını bebek
Savur biraz!

Benim doğduğum köyleri
Akşamları eşkıyalar basardı
Ben bu yüzden yalnızlığı hiç sevmem
Konuş biraz!

Benim doğduğum köylerde
İnsanlar gülmesini bilmezdi
Ben bu yüzden böyle naçar kalmışım
Gül biraz!

Benim doğduğum köylerde
Kuzey rüzgarları eserdi,
Hep bu yüzden dudaklarım çatlaktır
Öp biraz!

Sen Türkiye gibi aydınlık ve güzelsin!
Benim doğduğum köyler de güzeldi
Sen de anlat doğduğun yerleri,
Anlat biraz!

Cahit Kulebi (1946)

Your lips are red
Your hands are white
Take my hands, child,
Hold them a while.

In the village where I was born
There were no walnut trees
That's why I yearn for coolness
Fondle me a while.

In the village where I was born
There were no cornfields
So scatter your hair child
Flaunt it a while.

In the village where I was born
The north winds blew
That's why my lips are cracked
Kiss them a while

In the village where I was born
Bandits struck by night
That's why I hate to be alone
Speak with me a while

In the village where I was born
Men did not know how to laugh
That's why I'm still so unhappy
Make me laugh a while

You are light and beauty, like my country
The village where I was born was beautiful too
Now tell me of the place where you were born
Tell me a while.

Cahit Külebi
Translated by Bernard Lewis (1982)

Cahit Kulebi
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Translated by Unknown

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