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Ağlama Don't Cry

Ağlıyorsun simdi yine , nedensiz sevdigim

Omrümü ugruna akıttıgım o gözlerinden sil yasları

Parıltısı gitmesin okyanus mavisi gözlerinin

Damlayan her gözyaşına bin defa can veririm

bakamam buhulu gözlerine yüregim dayanmaz

Aglama ne olur, nedensiz sevdiğim

You're crying again now, the one I love without a reason

Wipe the tears from your eyes which I have shed my life for their sake

So that the sparkle of your ocean blue eyes won't disappear

For each tear of yours that drips I'll die a thousand times

I can't look at your fogged eyes, my heart can't bear it

Don't cry please, the one I love without a reason

Cenk (cybernetics)
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Translated by Ayla

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