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Residence Permit and Citizenship in Turkey


Residence Permit in Turkey


After halting the reciprocity rule at real estate acquisition, all people are allowed to buy property in Turkey. There are few exceptional countries which are not diplomatically unrecognized like Syria, North Korea, etc. Many foreigners are coming to Turkey for buying property, working and living. There are some restrictions according to the law in 2013 about the establishment General Directorate of Migration Management. This law gives right to receive "one year residence permit in Turkey" to foreigners who buy a property. This permission might be renewed every year upon you keep the property ownership on your behalf.

How to Obtain a Residence Permit in Turkey

You may receive residence permission for below reasons;

- Having a title deed (Tapu in Turkish)
- Having a work or job in Turkey
- Studying in Turkey
- Visiting in Turkey as a tourist
- Visiting first or second degree relatives in Turkey
- Doing scientific research in Turkey
- Visiting for treat in Turkey
- To participate sporting activities in Turkey

If you wish to obtain a residence permit, you are required to apply personally to a nearest Directorate of Immigration office.

Second way is easier. You may apply online on the General Directorate of Migration Management website.

- When completing the online application form, select these options if you are first time applicants "first application", if you want to renew residence permit "extension application". Here you can select a date suitable for your appointment. You may pass to the next stage after completing the online application.

- The required fee payments for documents and residence permit.

- Supply and upload all relevant certificates are prepared and go to the General Directorate of Migration Management with these documents.

If your application is accepted, an application form will be given to you. The residence permit certificate will be sent to your address in Turkey in 90 days. If anything is missing from your documents, 30 days will be given to complete missing documents. If the missing documents not completed and application is not made again in 30 days, application will be considered as "Denied" and penalty charges will be reflected. If apply for a residence permit fails, General Directorate of Migration Management will contact you.

You may stay in Turkey until the date of reservation after creating your application through the online system. It is critical to apply for residence permit renewals on time. Otherwise you need to leave the country for some time to proceed the same first application process which will cost you much more time and money.

The documents required in the application for a residence permit;

-          The residence permit application form

-          Original and photocopy of passport or equivalent document

-          4 photographs

-          Title Deed of the property (Tapu)

-          Valid Health Insurance (Any of the following documents will be considered valid)

  • Document that will be beneficial to health services in Turkey bilateral social security agreements
  • Equivalent document taken from the social security institutions
  • Proof of application made to universal health insurance to social security institutions
  • Private health insurance

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