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Discover Great Golfing in Turkey

by turkishgolfing (9/7/2009)

Discover Great Golfing in Turkey

Discover Great Golfing in Turkey

If you´re new to the game of golf or arranging golf vacations, you might be surprised to learn Turkey is one of the world´s premier golfing destinations today. In fact, Turkey offers some of the most challenging and rewarding golfing opportunities along the Mediterranean. Golfers from Turkey and around the world take advantage of this country´s moderate climate, scenic beauty and ample sunshine to enjoy terrific golf throughout the entire year.

Where to Go Golfing in Turkey

The tourism industry has expanded in Turkey and golfing has become more and more popular, and today there are several terrific options for golf vacations here. Each area offers its own advantages both in terms of golfing and other activities.

Turkey´s Golfing Riviera

Antalya is Turkey´s most important city along the Mediterranean coast, and today the Turkish Riviera is also a Golfing Riviera. You can enjoy a fabulous golf vacation here year round. Take your pick of four excellent golf courses and luxurious hotels situated right along the Mediterranean Sea. Not only will you enjoy fabulous golf, you can delight in the rich culture and soak up the sun on the beaches of this beautiful area of Turkey.

Belek: Golfing Paradise

Belek is another Turkish paradise for golfers. Take advantage of an 8 to 9 month long summer season to golf at your choice of outstanding courses. In addition to world-class golfing at Gloria Golf Course and Nobilis Golf Course in Belek, you can visit many fascinating man-made and natural attractions on your holiday. There are many historic attractions in Belek, and beautiful Kursunlu Waterfall presents birders with an incredible opportunity to view more than 100 species of nesting birds.

Golfing on a Visit to Istanbul

Istanbul is top on the list of destinations for many travelers to Turkey, and this amazing city is well worth a visit, even beyond the great golf courses located nearby. In Istanbul, Asia (to the East) meets Europe (to the West), and the historic and cultural attractions here are unique and impressive. In addition to exploring fascinating historical, cultural and architectural attractions, you´ll have plenty of opportunities to golf on a visit to Istanbul.

When to Go Golfing in Turkey

With a moderate climate throughout the year in most parts of the country, you can book a golfing holiday in Turkey almost any time of the year. This is a country soaked in sunshine for most of the year, so you can choose when you wish to vacation in Turkey. The best golfing season is considered to be from April through November - 9 months of outstanding golfing conditions. Although you can enjoy a golfing vacation in Turkey in June, July or August, too, these are the hottest months of the year.

A Great Golfing Value

Turkey rivals the world´s top golfing destinations in terms of its courses, climate and natural beauty and splendor, but it stands apart in one very distinct way. Unlike other well-known, popular golf destinations, Turkey presents an outstanding value for your money. You´ll be delighted to find a golf getaway to Turkey is far more affordable than most other destinations.


Many golfers find that after their first golf vacation to Turkey, they´re arranging a second trip within a week of returning home. There are already many terrific options for golfing in Turkey, and the golfing tourism industry here continues to expand. Turkey is a place where you can afford far more luxury than you could in other golf destinations. A yearly golf getaway to Turkey can be a reality you enjoy instead of just a golfer´s dream.



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