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Exciting Trip to Turkey

by Marinka (1/15/2007)

Exciting Trip to Turkey

I came back from Turkey just a couple of days ago. My vacation was so exciting that I would like to share my impressions with others. Although this was already my 3rd time, it was quite different. And I’ll tell you why.


During my last visits I have already admired such exotic things for me, a Russian girl, as Kebab, Turkish delight, kumpir, simit, chestnuts, numerous kinds of delicious pastry, nazar boncugus, brightly dressed Turks, crazy traffic with yellow rivers of taxis and other wonderful things. This time, however I saw another side of the Turkish culture.


I visited 2 museums: the Museum of Anatolian civilizations and the Ataturk’s Memorial (Anitkabir). I was specially impressed by how much the Turks love their founder. We used to have a leader too, back in the times of the USSR, however we managed to forget him as soon as the Soviet Union fell apart. But Turks still have this cult of personality. The face of Mustafa Kemal is everywhere: on the coins and banknotes, on the walls in shops and banks, his statues are scattered all over Ankara and even on a rainy day you can see quite some people of all ages wandering around his Memorial. It is a pleasure to see a nation so fond and proud of their history.


Another part of my atmosphere dip was going to the cinema. We went to the one on the top floor of Armada mall. I was very pleased to find out that foreign films in Turkey aren’t dubbed, which meant that I could enjoy an English film together with my Turkish friends. I wish Russian cinemas borrowed this idea. On the other hand, I think that something was missing there: the wardrobe. It was not very cozy to tuck the coat folded a hundred times between my seat and the other. ? Apart from this little thing the film was great, we had a great time and there was another surprise ahead. In the middle of the film there was a 10 minute break! I have been to a number of countries but that’s the first time I came across such a thoughtful way of letting you use the loo and buy some more snacks and Coke.


Anther thing that I liked in Turkey is the idea of a café where you can play board games. We went to one of them, called TABU, by the name of a popular game (which was quite an exciting one, even though my knowledge of Turkish language and culture was quite limited). In those cafes you can order something to drink, a dessert, a hookah and enjoy the company of your friends playing backgammon, scrabble or tabu. A very relaxing and fun way to entertain oneself!


All of these reasons made this time in Turkey unforgettable and exciting for me. I was able to do and see it all thanks to my sweet and handsome man… He did a great job of taking me everywhere I wanted and managed to show me another side of his country which I have never suspected of. For this I’m very grateful to him and his wonderful family that are the most hospitable people I have ever met in my entire life!


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