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My Holiday in Turkey

by susie k (11/18/2006)

My Holiday in Turkey

Hello you lot! I thought I’d write a small essay on my trip to Turkey! It was incredibly busy, I think we did more in that week than in all the time I lived there!!! – well almost!


The journey continues...


We landed at 15.30 Monday the 23rd October and were collected by Kadir’s brother, cousin and best friend! Directly we went to his Uncles as it was Bayram and said hello etc, and ate some cakes! Onto Mum and dads where we ate more food and saw numerous more reletives, then onto Babba Annes house where again we said our hellos and stuffed ourselves some more!!!!


That evening we went out nightclubbing and had such a great time! Catching up with everyone and then onto a Turkish Bar where we listened to a live band and I watched my husband dance round the drum!!! BOOM BOOM BOOM!


WoW such a busy time we rolled in at 6am, after soup of course! Up at 11am and on our way to Pamukkale where we stared in awe at the beauty of the place! We left there at 18.30 and went up to Kusadasi where we met my brother in law's fiance and went out on the town there! Phew, so exhausted!!!! Again another late night! We stayed in a pansiyon which was alright! Then we were up early again and off to Efes! Wow, that is a truly truly magnificent place. I couldn’t believe that I was actually standing there. I strongly advise everybody to go! We got some lovely photos of us all there, my favourite is of the boys on the old toilets!!!!


Then onto Mary’s house. I felt spiritually moved, it’s an amazing experience. I bought my mum some holy water which she was delighted with! I couldn’t believe that I was actually standing in the same building where she died. Again I strongly recommend that you all pay a visit.


We went back then. All in all, we travelled 770kms! But did we relax? No, my hubby’s boss was staying nearby. We walked in, said hi and went back out again till 4am!


Then up at 10am to organise a boat trip for them which was a beautiful day! It was fantastic, I love boats! We went on the family’s boat! I had to cook, but it’s ok. I know how to make Turkish cuisine! All was well until one friend became ill. He had fractured a rib on mon and now he was very ill – he insisted on diving off the boat! So we rushed back and up the local hospital where he had xrays, scans etc…. After a few hours he got the all clear. We got home around 2pm and had our dinner.


Finally sleep….. We went out to see friends and relaxed on Friday. I had a lovely time with Kadir’s parents as he hadn’t seen his best friend properly yet so I had a good chance to practice my Turkish! I did really well and everybody has been telling my husband how clever I am!!!!


On Saturday, I went to a wedding party which was fun but I drank too much and suffered the next day! But I was busy busy busy still! I spent the day at the complex which we helped run last year in Turkey catching up. And then I really really didn’t want to return to the UK, I really miss everyone. But we will have a lovely future for all of this working and suffering. Then home on Monday! PHEW! TIRED!!!!!!


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