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Trabzon Village

by miss_ceyda (11/20/2005)

Trabzon Village

The mighty Sun begins to set. Marvelous pinks and purples: stretching across the sky above us. Delicately merging together like a fine work of art, bringing peace upon the world. As we slowly drive into a concealed turn off from the main road, leaving the busy town behind us, real beauty can begin to be seen. As the steady pace of the car drives into the vast stretch of mountains ahead, the excitable magic in the air can be felt. Hearing no other sound apart from the tyres on the stony road, one may begin to wonder how there can be life in such a place and as we begin to delve deeper into the mysterious world ahead, a heavy blanket of darkness begins to cover the sky. Looking at one another in excitement, we begin to breathe the fresh air of the mountains through the opening in the car window. Slowly, slowly, we begin to make our way up a mountain, now only the outlines of the surroundings being visible against the blackness of the sky. More directly above us, hardly any part of the sky can be seen, for glistening stars take its place. Shooting across the sky, they dance energetically, not once losing their sparkling radiance. The luminous full moon sits high above us all, watching everything. The silence loudly bounces from rock to rock, echoes through the towering trees and sweeps through the great forests. And as no one breaks the peace, the car carries on along the steep, narrow, winding path to above. The high altitude then begins to have an effect on our ears and we realise how far we have traveled from… civilization. Climbing higher and higher, venturing deeper and deeper into the dense darkness ahead of us, is that the shrieking howl of a wolf which we hear?


The journey continues...


Waking early the next morning, feeling refreshed and pure from only a few hours of sleep, I decide to get up and begin the day which lies ahead of me. The thick logs of wood, burning wildly in the fire create a warm and cosy atmosphere. The smell of rich Turkish Çay sweeps in the half open door, and the frying eggs and chicken salami, flavours the air. I enthusiastically walk to the balcony doors and as I open the curtains, for the first time in my life, I see true beauty. Like Heaven on Earth, the clouds surround our small wooden house in the air, I feel free, as if I have been released from a small cage after many years. There also no longer seems to be any limits on freedon, how can this be? Mountains are overlooking mountains whilst the wild flowers open their eyes to a new day. The tall trees gracefully hold uncountable bunches of large, purple grapes and the glistening white snow on the far horizon twinkles as the Sun rises and begins to shine it’s light down upon this new world which I have discovered. Am I dreaming a life or really living a dream? How can beauty such as this be real? As I turn my head to admire the once again colouful sky, I realise that I am the luckiest person alive. The stunning shades of pink and orange painted above us, remind me of a description of a fantasy world in a child hood fairy tale. And the colours, like a zebra’s stripes imprinted in the sky, begin to change shape. Close by mosques then begin to sound the call to prayer and I think… “What a perfect place I’m in…” Then, I here my name being called from the next room, and the tingling sensation in my heart tells me that as well as finding harmony and freedom, I have also found true love. The fear of the previous night’s darkness has now faded away, leaving the fair majesty to wander through this magical space in the clouds.


Walking towards the calling voice, the strong smell of the ravishing breakfast becomes stronger. I sit down comfortably next to a large window, which overlooks the other side of the house. There are large strings of different coloured peppers hung on a small hook next to me and as I slowly sip my steaming tea I admire the beauty before my eyes. The rushing stream ahead of me glimmers as the rays of light from the Sun reflect from its uneven, ever moving surface. A small school of fish swiftly swims through the clear water, letting the current lead their way. I open the windon wide, and take a deep breath of the fresh village air. I once again feel refreshed. The relaxing sound of the flowing stream can be heard, and I watch the clear water enchantingly flowing across the tiny, brown stones. I turn to see a large burgundy rock at the side of the stream and watch in amazement as a large butterfly with brilliant black and white wings peacefully lands on it, almost to admire its surroundings. I could sit at this window forever, gazing into the magnificent view before my inquisitive eyes, and never once become apathetic. Once again I am left thinking… “Did I die and go to Heaven or is there really Heaven on Earth?”


The same voice says my name once more and says that we are going to delve deeper into this magnificent place. Again, my heart beats violently against my chest and I feel like a Princess in my magical Kingdom in the clouds, who has at last discovered what life really is.


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