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Bad Feature

by alyaa (11/10/2004)

Bad Feature

I was on my way to college when I saw a coffee shop that had wrote on the door "wellcome" with double 'l'. As we know, welcome must be written with a single 'l'. The road was crowded and the car was moving slowly. It was a very hot day and people were complaining from the crowd.


Being a student of the English department, such a small word made me think of it many times. I asked myself who wrote this word. It is not a shame if someone made a mistake. Still, I think he must think of it first when someone wants to put a statement that will be read by a lot of people. 


I make mistakes in English language sometimes, although I am a student in the fourth stage of the English department. I think studying a language or learning a language is very interesting and useful. For me, language is like an ocean, something that is unlimited. The rules, words, and grammar are uncountable.


I don't think that there is someone who can say that he does not need to learn anything more about some specific language. There must be at least some new words. Not only the second language but this is true even for the native language. Any language must accept new words in order to hold the movement of the modern life, otherwise it will not be active. I will never forget the teacher of linguistic who said that a language can die!! Yes, language can die like human beings. It will die if it is not active and does not accept new words whenever it is needed.


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