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The faces of love

by Lady_A (7/3/2008)

The faces of love

     Love - the greatest feeling of all, love- the only thing that is worth living for, love- the purpose of life, love- Turkey.I’ve seen on this site for so many times the association of these two words…that I’ve come to believe that maybe that is the place where love is to be found. And maybe only those who visited this wonderful country know the secret of real love: for a different culture, for a different lifestyle, for a different meaning of being friendly, for a different way of thinking and maybe for a different definition of being human.In Turkey you learn a more complex kind of love, based on a mix of sensations that address to all your senses. Maybe the first that have the privilege to learn are you eyes (as you see the beautiful sights of this wonderful and blessed land)…along with your ears (that hear the strange but pleasant language), then your hands that touch the Turkish cashmere and silk. Further along your nose gets to smell the fresh roasted pistachio and the fresh made apple tea and eventually, in your mouth melt the Turkish delight pieces. But the most important fingerprint is put on your heart. At first you don’t understand it, you deny it, you fight it, but you end up admitting and accepting it: you are in love with Turkey!      

     And although a year has passed I have the same feelings for the one that conquered me from the first moment we’ve met. I look forward seeing her again, sensing her, admiring her. It is hard to keep a long distance relationship, but I and Turkey made it. We never abandoned hope, we never gave up and we will see each other again soon. Every time we are together, I for instance, try to know her better and I am always amazed to find out how wonderful she is. She always knows how to welcome me, how to make me feel comfortable and safe. I know I am in the right place and I enjoy every moment of it. Whenever I want, I can choose to look at the endless blue of the sky, at the immensity of the sea, at the golden sand, at the green palm trees. I often happen to wonder if I am on Earth…or if I’m not dreaming. And then again I get surprised to find out, over an over again, that all this heaven is real and that I am blessed to be here.     

     For the countless time, thank you Turkey for the privilege and the honor of allowing me to discover you.

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