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What are you listening now?
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70.       ramayan
2633 posts
 07 Feb 2006 Tue 10:54 pm

listening the beating of my heart and waiting

71.       sophie
2712 posts
 07 Feb 2006 Tue 11:34 pm

Quoting Deli_kizin:

OHHH DO YOU KNOW ANOUK!? I didn't know she was famous in other countries too!! She's DUTCH She kicks ass! If someone wants more songs, i can send

Quoting sophie:

Nobody's Wife - Anuk

(Sophie don't tell me i once sent it to you, because then i have forgotten about that and feel completely silly now )

No honey, you haven't sent it to me.
This has been a favorite song for years. I don't know much about this lady. What I know is that she has a terrific voice and she doesn't sound sweet or sensitive at all, which is exactly what i love in her.

72.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 07 Feb 2006 Tue 11:49 pm

Ohh if you let me know, I can send you all her albums! She's Dutch She's really famous in here, she just brought our her new album. It's a bit different styled from the others, but still with that raw voice. Some sensitive songs too tho..

I figure you might like 'In the dark' 'Everything' and 'R u kiddin me' (that last song is AMAZIN). They are a bit of the elder songs, but really soo good.

How did you get to know that song?

73.       sophie
2712 posts
 08 Feb 2006 Wed 12:34 am

It was a great hit here a few years ago, very familiar to rock music's lovers.

74.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 08 Feb 2006 Wed 01:09 am

Ohh ok That's really new for me, i thought she was only known national. Well that's a good thing then!

75.       sophie
2712 posts
 08 Feb 2006 Wed 01:11 am

Where are you now - Nazareth

on Rock Radio

76.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 08 Feb 2006 Wed 01:22 am

I still cry - Ilse de Lange

77.       ramayan
2633 posts
 08 Feb 2006 Wed 02:49 am

tual * deliriyorum

78.       ramayan
2633 posts
 08 Feb 2006 Wed 02:51 am

tual * tiryakinim (ur addict)

79.       ramayan
2633 posts
 08 Feb 2006 Wed 02:55 am

kargo * sen uyurken

while u were sleeping
thinking became hard
i dived into loneliness
while u were sleeping
u woke up suddenly
smiled me without knowing wad im thinking
while u were sleeping
am i in ur dreams??

80.       Boop
785 posts
 08 Feb 2006 Wed 10:13 am

Bir Derdim Var - by - More ve Ötesı - a beautiful song

(7218 Messages in 722 pages - View all)
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