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Possessive pronouns

My (ben-im)

Your (sen-in)

His/her/its (onun - i

Our (biz-imiz)

Your (Siz-iniz)

Their (onlar-leri)


Let´s do some examples:


let´s look at ´house´ which is ´ev´ in turkish


My house - benim ev-im - evim

Your house - senin ev-in - evin

His house - onun ev-i - evi

Our house - bizim ev-imiz - evimiz

Your house - sizin ev-iniz - eviniz

Their house - onların ev-leri - evleri 


What about ´Car´ which is ´araba´ in turkish


My car - benim araba-m - arabam

Your car - senin araba-n - araban

his car - onun araba-sı - arabası

Our car - bizim araba-mız - arabamız

Your car - sizin araba-nız - arabanız

Their car - onların araba-ları - arabaları 


Did you notice anything different? Look at the personal suffixes added to ´araba´ and then look at the suffixes added to ´ev´.... Have you noticed that in ´my house´ for example, we wrote it as ´evIm´ but when we wrote, ´my car´ we wrote it as, ´arabaM´ and we left the ´ı´ out.

That´s because the last letter of ´araba´ is a vowel ´a´ so we must drop the ´ı´ off the personal suffix. So instead of ´arabaım´ we just say, ´arabam´. Did you also notice that with for example, ´his car´ we wrote it as, ´arabaSı´....we added that letter ´s´. That again is because of the vowel at the end of ´araba´, we are simply just separating the vowels.


my child - benim çocuk-um - çocuğum

Your child - senin çocuk-un - çocuğun

his child - onun çocuk-u - çocuğu

our child - bizim çocuk-umuz - çocuğumuz

your child - sizin çocuk-unuz - çocuğunuz

their child - onların çocuk-ları - çocukları 


my mum - benim anne-im - annem

your mum - senin anne-in - annen

his mum - onun anne-i - annesi

our mum - bizim anne-imiz - annemız

your mum - sizin anne-iniz - anneniz

 their mum - onların anne-leri - anneleri 



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