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Personal Pronouns

I Ben-im
You Sen-in
he/she/it O
We Biz - iz
You Siz - siniz
They Onlar - ler


I am sick Ben hasta - ım Hastayım
You are sick Sen hasta - ın Hastasın
He is sick O hasta Hasta
We are sick Biz hasta - ız Hastayız
You are sick Siz hasta - sınız Hastasınız
They are sick Onlar hasta - lar Hastalar


Take a look at the above chart? We´ll take the example of, ´I am sick´, can you notice in turkish you write it as hastayım. The ´y´ is what you call a buffer letter and in turkish you use the buffer letter when you have to separate two vowels. For example if we didn´t use the buffer letter then ´I am sick´ would be spelt as, ´hastaım´ - can you see the 2 vowels ´a´ and ´ı´ would be together. In turkish you can´t have 2 vowels together so that´s where the buffer letter ´y´ comes in to separate them hence the correct way to spell, ´I am sick´ is ´hastayım´.

Let´s do a few more examples:

I am alone ben yalnız - ım yalnızım
You are alone sen yalnız - ın yalnızsın
He is alone o yalnız yalnız
We are alone biz yalnız - ız yalnızız
You are alone siz yalnız - sınız yalnızsınız
They are alone onlar yalnız - lar yalnızlar

Take a look at both of the charts now: can you see that when you say, ´he is sick´ or ´he is alone´ the spelling is, ´o hasta´ or ´o yalnız´. In turkish he/she/it doesn´t have a personal ending. 


I am tired ben yorgun -um yorgunum
You are tired sen yorgun - sun yorgunsun
He is tired o yorgun yorgun
We are tired biz yorgun - uz yorgunuz
You are tired siz yorgun - sunuz yorgunsunuz
They are tired onlar yorgun - lar yorgunlar


if the verb ends in ´e´ then the suffix will start with either (y)im /sin /(y)iz /siniz /ler

if the verb ends in ´a´ then the suffix will start with either (y)ın /sın /(y)ız /sınız /lar

if the verb ends in ´u´ then the suffix will start with either (y)un /sun /(y)uz /sunuz /lar

if the verb ends in ´ü´ then the suffix will start with either (y)ün /sün /(y)üz /sünüz /ler

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