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Turkish Grammar-6: Verbs-5.2

2) Surprising/Noticing


anahtar (the key)

ev (the house, the home)

kalmak (1to stay, 2....)

unutmak (to forget)


anahtar+m(pos. of 1st singular)-------------->anahtarım (my key)

anahtar+m(pos. of 1st singular)+ı(accusative)>anahtarımı (my key)

ev+de(loc.)--------------------------------->evde (at home)




Anahtarım evde kalmış. (My key has stayed at home)

Anahtarımı evde unutmuşum (I have forgetten my key at home)


For example, you open your bag and you look for the key. You realise/notice you forgot it at home. And then you say one of those sentence at that moment.


kasaba (the town)

yirmi (twenty)

yıl, sene (year)

gelmek (to come)

çok (1much, 2many)

şey (thing)

değişmek (to change (intransitive))


kasaba+a (dative)------------>kasabaya (to the town)


gel+me+di+m---------------->gelmedim (I didn´t come)



Bu kasabaya yirmi yıldır hiç gelmedim; çok şey değişmiş. (I have never come to this town for twenty years; many things have changed.)


You notice many things had changed. By the way, "hiç" meant there "never".


ateş (1the fire, 2high temperature (of the body)

yükselmek (to get higher)


ateş+n(posessive of 2nd singular)------->ateşin (your temperature)



Ateşin yükselmiş! (Your temperature has increased!) (direct: your temperature has gotten higher!)


For example, you put your hand on my forehead and you notice my temperature increased, then you say this to me.


çocuk (the child)

çok (1very, 2much, 3many)

iyi (good, well)

yetiştirmek (1to grow, 2to bring up)


çocuk+lar(plural)+i(accusative)------------>çocukları (the children (accusative))



Çocukları çok iyi yetiştirmişsiniz. (You have brought the children up very well)


For example, there are a few children. You take care about the behaviours of them. You like it. You say to their parents that sentence.


güzel (beautiful)

bir (1one, 2a/an, 3....4.....)

araba (the car)

almak (1to take, 2to buy, 3to receive)




Güzel bir araba almışsın. (You have bought a beautiful car)


For example, you look at his car. You like the car, you notice it´s nice. And you say this to him.


öğrenmek (to learn)





Türkçeyi çok iyi öğrenmişsin. (You have learnt Turkish very well)


For example, you listen to me. You notice I speak Turkish very well.


hiçbir şey (nothing)

yazmak (to write)




Hiçbir şey yazmamışsın. (You have written nothing)


For example, you look at my notebook. You notice nothing has been written. You say this to me.


öyle (like that)

demek (to say)

istemek (to want)

biz (we)

yanlış (false)

anlamak (to understand)





Öyle demek istememişler, biz yanlış anlamışız. (They haven´t wanted to mean like that, we have understood false)




birkaç (a few)

dakika (the minute)

uzanmak (1to lie down, 2to reach forth)

istemek (to want)

ama (but)

uyuyakalmak (to fall asleep)


iste+di+m-------------------------->istedim (I wanted)



Birkaç dakika uzanmak istedim ama uyuyakalmışım. (I wanted to lie down for a few minutes but I have fallen asleep.)


You notice this after you wake up.



This tense is also used while telling tale. It can also be used so as to tell what happened in the dream.

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