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Turkish Grammar-7: Adjectives-1

The adjectives have two categories in Turkish essentially: a) determinitive, b) attributive


The adjective is in front of the noun. If you want to make the adjectival clause, you should only put the plural suffix to noun. The adjective doesn´t take plural suffix. You will learn how to make the adjectives a noun in next lessons (not now), you will be able to add the plural suffix to the adjective at that time. Now it is too early to be able to do it.




A.1) Demonstrative adjectives


bu (this)

şu (nearer than "o", further than "bu")

o (that)


diğer=öteki=öbür=başka (other)

beriki (the hither one)


bu sınav (this exam)

bu sınav+m(posessive)------------------------->bu sınavım (my this exam)

Yeliz (a Turkish female name)

Yeliz+in(genitive)------------------------------>Yeliz´in (of Yeliz)


Yeliz´in bu sınavı iyi değilmiş. (This exam of Yeliz wasn´t good.)


şu kalem (that pencil)

şu kalem+ler(plural)+i(accusative)------>şu kalemleri (those pencils)


Şu kalemleri bana verebilir misin? (Would you like to give those pencils to me?)


dil (1the tongue, 2the language)

öğrenmek (to learn)

istemek (to want)


öğrenmek istemek (to want to learn)

iste+yor+im-------------------------->istiyorum (I want (direct: I´m wanting))


de/da (too, also)

başka diller de (other languages too)


Başka diller de öğrenmek istiyorum (I also want to learn another languages)


A.2) Indefinitive Adjectives


bazı, kimi (some)

biraz (some (uncountable quantity))

birçok, pek çok (a lot of, many)

birkaç (a few)

çok az (very little, too little)

az (little, few)

bir sürü (a lot of)

çok (many, much)


su (the water)

vermek (to give)


Biraz su verebilir misin? (Would you like to give some water?)


film (the movie)

ülke (the country)

aynı (the same)

gün (the day)

yayınlamak (to broadcast)


birçok ülke (many countries)

birçok ülkede (in many countries)

aynı gün (the same day)


Film birçok ülkede aynı gün yayınlandı. (The movie was broadcasted in many countries in the same day)


içeri (the inside)

eşya (the belongings)


bir sürü eşya (a lot of belongings)

eşya+m(possessive)------------------->eşyam (my belongings)

içeri+de(locative)---------------------->içeride (inside)


İçeride bir sürü eşyam var. (I have many belongings inside)


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