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The suffix "-li" - 2

A)Let´s start by talking about being from a place...


We usually use the names, which have been made more special, for the nationalities. 


Türkiye (Turkey) ----> Türk (Turkish)

(We almost never call ourselves called "Türkiyeli" and don´t want to be called in this name)


No problem for other Turkic nations and other nations. You add "-li" to the country name if you don´t remember the name that have been made more special. Most of the examples:





 Azerbaycan Azeribaijan Azeri Azerbaycanlı
 Finlandiya Finland



 Almanya Germany Alman Almanyalı 
Macaristan Hungary


 Hindistan India



Japonya Japan Japon Japonyalı
 İngiltere England İngiliz İngiltereli
 Fransa France Fransız Fransalı
 Amerika USA Amerikan Amerikalı
Sırbistan  Serbia Sırp  Sırbistanlı 
Hırvatistan  Croatia  Hırvat  Hırvatistanlı 
Bosna-Hersek  Bosnian-Herzegovina  Boşnak 



İtalya  Italia İtalyan İtalyalı 
İspanya  Spain  İspanyol İspanyalı 
Rusya  Russia  Rus  Rusyalı 
Çek Cumhuriyeti  Czechian Republic  Çek  Çek Cumhuriyetli 
Yunanistan  Greece 



 Suudi Arabistan Saudi Arabia  Arap  Arabistanlı*
Romanya  Romenia  Rumen Romanyalı 
Endonezya  Indonesia  Endonez  Endonezyalı 


*We almost never use "Arabistanlı" but people understand if you use.



İskandinavya (Scandinavia)

İskandinavya+lı------------->İskandinavyalı/İskandinav (Scandinavian)


Türk+iz------------------------>Türk´üz (We are Turkish)

Japon+im---------------------->Japon´um (I´m Japanese)

Alman+im---------------------->Alman´ım (I´m German)

İngiliz+sin---------------------->İngiliz´sin (You are English)

Boşnak+siniz------------------->Boşnak´sınız (You are from Bosnia)

vs. vs. vs...


The apostrophe isn´t used after "-li". Almost never.


Çin (China)

Çin+li+im----------------------------->Çinliyim (I´m Chinese)


İran (Iran)

İran+lı+ım---------------------------->İranlıyım (I´m Persian)


Küba (Cuba)

Küba+lı+ım--------------------------->Kübalıyım (I´m from Cuba)


Romanya (Romania)

Romanya+lı+iz------------------------>Romanyalıyız (We are Rumenians)


Hollanda (the Netherlands, Holland)

Hollanda+lı+sınız----------------------->Hollandalısınız (You are Dutchs)


Avrupa (Europe)

Avrupa+lı+sın------------------------->Avrupalısın (You are European)


uzak (far)

doğu (east)

Uzakdoğu (the Far East)

Uzakdoğu+li+- ----------------------->Uzakdoğulu ((he is) Far Eastern)


uzay (the space)

uzay+lı-------------------------------->uzaylı (the alien (for ex: UFO))


Akdeniz (the Mediterranean Sea)

Akdeniz+li------------------------------>Akdenizli (someone who lives around the Mediterranean Sea or at the Mediterranean Region (geographic region))


Ege (the Aegean Sea)

Ege+li---------------------------------->Egeli (someone who lives around the Aegean Sea or at the Aegean Region (geographic region))


Karadeniz (the Black Sea)

Karadeniz+li----------------------------->Karadenizli (the same thing as what i talked about the previous ones. to be honest, i got bored to write the same sentences continuously :D)


güney (the southern, south)

güney+li--------------------------------->güneyli (someone from a southern places (usually consideringly all country)


For example, I´m from Mersin. I´m a "güneyli" (southern) according to us because Mersin is located on the southern of Turkey. Another example: Portsmouth is located on the southern of Great Britain. Someone from Portsmouth is "güneyli" (southern) according to English people because the location of this city.


The suffix "-ler" which is plurality suffix isn´t separated by apostrophe


Türk------------->Türkler (Turks)

Finli-------------->Finliler (Finns)

Hollandalı-------->Hollandalılar (Dutchs)

Norveçli---------->Norveçliler (Norwegians)

vs. vs.


doğma büyüme (it is used to express to be since the birth)

Mersin (a city in Turkey at the Mediterranean Sea)

Mersin+li+im----->Mersinliyim (I´m from Mersin)


Doğma büyüme Mersinliyim (I´m from Mersin, I was born and grew up there)


Ankara (the capital city of Turkey)



Ankaralı değilim (I´m not from Ankara)


Tampere (a city in Finland)

Tampere+li+idi--->Tampereliydi (He was from Tampere)


Bir Fin arkadaşım vardı, Tampereliydi. (I had a Finnish friend, he was from Tampere)


Özlem (a Turkish female name)

Şangay (a city in China)



Özlem´in Çinli arkadaşı Şangaylıymış. (Özlem´s Chinese friend is from Shanghai (noticing, or learning from somewhere/somebody))


Northampton (a city in England)

Northampton+li--->Northampton´lı (***not necessary but it´s better to use separate apostrophe for the city names that have different orthography and pronunciation according to Turkish. Make the vowel harmony follow according to the Turkish writing of its pronunciation.)


Northampton (writing its pronunciation according Turkish alphabet: Northemptın)



şehir (the city)

şehir+li-------------------->şehirli (the urban (someone who lives in the city))

köy (the village)

köy+li--------------------->köylü (the villager (someone who lives in the village))




ilkokul (the primary school)

öğrenci (the student)

ilkokul öğrenci+i------------>ilkokul öğrencisi (the primary school student)


ilkokul+li-------------------->ilkokullu (the primary school student) (shorter way to express the same thing)

lise (the high school)

lise+li----------------------->liseli (the high school student)

üniversite+li----------------->üniversiteli (the university student)


Ankara Üniversitesi (Ankara University)

It´s connected with structure of indefinite possessive determiners. Like you remember, we were removing the possessive suffix when we would do conjugation with possessive suffixes. It´s also the same when we do it with "-li"


Ankara Üniversite+li+iz----->Ankara Üniversiteliyiz (We are from Ankara University)

We prefer not to say "Ankaralı" because it may be confused with the meaning of "dweller of Ankara". But we can use when we talk about the universities that hasn´t city name.


Hacettepe+li-------------->Hacettepeli (Student of Hacettepe (University))


dokuz (nine)

eylül (september)

Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi (Dokuz Eylül University)

Dokuz Eylül+li---------------->Dokuz Eylüllü (Student of Dokuz Eylül (University))




Beşiktaş (one of the most famous football teams in Turkey)

Beşiktaş+lı------------------->Beşiktaşlı (fan of Beşiktaş (someone who supports Beşiktaş))


Bayern Münich (one of the most famous football teams in Germany)

Bayern Münich+li------------->Bayern Münichli (fan of Bayern Münich (someone who supports Bayern Münich))


Ferrari (one of the most famous Formula 1 teams)

Ferrari+li--------------------->Ferrarili (fan of Ferrari)

/alternative and more preferred type: Ferrari+ci--->Ferrarici, McLaren+ci-->McLarenci vs.

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