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the patterns of -dik -2

VERB dik ce -dikçe



It consists when we add "-ce" to "-dik". "c" hardens and becomes "ç" because of the "k". 

This is mutual for all of personal pronouns unless you use the personal pronoun as subject.


sormak (to ask)

öğrenmek (to learn)



öğren+r+sin-------------------->öğrenirsin (you learn)


Sordukça öğrenirsin. (You learn as long as you ask.)


izin (the permission)

izin almak (to get permit (direct: to take permission))

gitmek (to go)



git+me+iz----------------------->gitmeyiz (we don´t go)


İzin almadıkça gitmeyiz. (We don´t go unless we are allowed)


müzik (the music)

dinlemek (to listen)

mutlu (happy)

olmak (1to be, 2....3..4..5.6.16..)

mutlu olmak (to get happy)



ol+yor+im------------------------>oluyorum (i´m being)


Müzik dinledikçe mutlu oluyorum. (I´m getting happy as long as I listen to music.)


abla (the older sister)

özür dilemek (to apologize)

barışmak (to make peace)


abla+m---------------------------->ablam (my (older) sister)

ben+den(ablative)------------------>benden (from me)


barış+ma+acak+ım------------------>barışmayacağım (i won´t make peace)


Ablam benden özür dilemedikçe barışmayacağım. (I won´t make peace unless my sister apologizes to me.)


gürültü (the noise)

gürültü yapmak (to make noise)

rahatsız olmak (to be annoyed)



ol+yor+iz--------------------------->oluyoruz (we are being)

rahatsız oluyoruz (we are being annoyed)


Siz gürültü yaptıkça rahatsız oluyoruz. (We are being annoyed as long as you are making noise.)


bitmek (to finish (intransitive), to end)

yeni (new)

getirmek (to bring)



yeni+i(poss.)+i(acc.)---------------->yenisini (the new one (accusativw))

getir+r+iz--------------------------->getiririz (we bring)


Bittikçe yenisini getiririz. (We bring the new one as long as it finishes.)


gitmek (to go)

git+dik+ce-------------------------->gittikçe (more and more (as long as going))

It doesn´t have to be at phrasal meaning everytime of course.


yağmur (the rain)

gittikçe (more and more)

artmak (to increase (intransitive))


art+yor----------------------------->artıyor (it is increasing)


Yağmur gittikçe artıyor. (The rain has been increasing more and more.)


amca (the uncle (brother of the father))

yurt (the land)

dış (the outside)

yurt dışı (the abroad)

gitmek (to go)

yeni (new)

hediye (the gift, the present)

getirmek (to bring)


amca+m--------------------------->amcam (my uncle)

yurt dış+ı(poss.)+a(dative)--------->yurt dışına (to the abroad)

git+dik+ce-------------------------->gittikçe (as long as going)

hediye+ler-------------------------->hediyeler (gifts)

getir+yor--------------------------->getiriyor (he is bringing)


Amcam yurt dışına gittikçe yeni hediyeler getiriyor. (My uncle is bringing new gifts as long as he visits abroad.)

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