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ile - 2

"ile" can be used instead of "ve (and)" for the nouns. Isn´t used so as to seperate the sentences.


Mehmet (a Turkish male name)

Samet (a Turkish male name)

tartışmak (1to discuss, 2to argue)


Mehmet ve Samet = Mehmet ile Samet

If you want to write "ile" as suffix : Mehmet´le (remember using of apostrophe if the word is proper noun.)

tartış+yor+lar------------------->tartışıyorlar (they are discussing, they are arguing)


Mehmet´le Samet niye tartışıyorlar? (Why are Mehmet and Samet arguing?)


iki (two)

ekmek (the bread)

biraz (some, a bit)

bisküvi (the biscuit)

almak (1to take, 2to buy, 3to receive, 4..5..6..7..)

gelmek (to come)


al+--------------->al (take)

gel+------------->gel (come)

iki ekmek ve biraz bisküvi (two breads and some biscuits)

iki ekmek ile biraz bisküvi

iki ekmekle biraz bisküvi


İki ekmekle biraz bisküvi al, gel. (Buy two breads and some biscuits and come.)


ilkokul (the primary school)

lise (the high school)

Kütahya (a city of Anatolia. It´s in the Aegean Region.)

okumak (1to read, 2to study (to take education at an official school))


ilkokul ve lise (the primary school and the high school)

ilkokul+u(accusative) ve lise+i(accusative)---->ilkokulu ve liseyi

ilkokul+ile lise+i------------------------------>ilkokulla liseyi

ilkokulu ile liseyi

Kütahya+da(locative)------------------------>Kütahya´da (in Kütahya)

oku+du+m----------------------------------->okudum (i studied)


İlkokulla liseyi Kütahya´da okudum. (I studied in the primary school and the high school in Kütahya)


The word/words in front of "ile" doesn´t/don´t take the case suffixes. The last one takes for all the components which are connected to "ile".


postane (the post office)

banka (the bank office)

yan yana (side by side)


postane+ile banka------------------>postaneyle banka (the post office and the bank)


Postaneyle banka yan yana. (The post office and the bank are side by side.)


Türkçe (Turkish language)

Almanca (German language)

öğrenmek (to learn)

Korece (Korean language)

başlamak (1to start, 2to begin)


Türkçe ile Almanca+ı(accusative)----------->Türkçe ile Almancayı

/alternative: Türkçeyle Almancayı

öğren+dik+den sonra----------------------->öğrendikten sonra (after the fact that learning)

Korece+e(dative)-------------------------->Koreceye (to the Korean language)

başla+acak+ım----------------------------->başlayacağım (i will start)


Türkçeyle Almancayı öğrendikten sonra Koreceye başlayacağım. (I will start Korean after I learn Turkish and German.)


konser (the concert)

anne (the mother)

abla (the older sister)


konser+e(dative)---------------------------->konsere (to the concert)

anne+m ile abla+m--------------------------->annemle ablam (my mother and sister)

anne+m+le(and) abla+m+la(with)------------->annemle ablamla (with my mother and sister)

/alternative: annemle ve ablamla

git+di+m------------------------------------>gittim (i went)


Konsere annemle ablamla gittim (I went to the concert with my mother and sister)


kahvaltı (the breakfast)

çay (the tea)

portakal (the orange (fruit))

reçel (the jam)


kahvaltı+da(loc)------------------------->kahvaltıda (in the breakfast)

portakal reçel+i(poss.)------------------->portakal reçeli (the jam of orange)

çay ile portakal reçeli / çayla portakal reçeli (the tea and the jam of orange)

git+r------------------------------------>gider (it goes)


Kahvaltıda çayla portakal reçeli iyi gider. (Tea and jam of orange are well together in the breakfast (direct: Tea and jam of orange goes well in the breakfast.))

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