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the passive voice - 3

The Germans express this in the way of "man". The subject is unclear. The verb is important, the subject isn´t. I will translate it into English by using the word "people".


bura (this place, here)

park etmek (to park)


bura+a(dative)-------------------->buraya (to this place, here)

park et+il+me(neg.)+z(pres.simp.)-->park edilmez (direct: it isn´t parked)


Buraya park edilmez. (No park here. (/People don´t park here.))


Türkiye (Turkey)

kahvaltı (the breakfast)

genellikle (usually)

çay (the tea)

içmek (to drink)


iç+il(pass.)+r(pres.simp.)--------------------------->içilir (it is drunk)


Türkiye´de kahvaltıda genellikle çay içilir. (In Turkey, people usually drink tea in the breakfast. (auf Deutsch: Gewöhnlich trinkt man Tee in der Türkei im Frühstück.))


her yer (every place, everywhere)

gitmek (to go)


git+il+di------------------------->gidildi (people went (Auf Deutsch: Man ist gegangen.))


Her yere gidildi. (People went everywhere. (direct: It is gone to everywhere.))


bu (this)

haber (the news)

sevinmek (to feel happy, to be happy)




Bu habere sevinilir! (People feel happy for these news! (auf Deutsch: Man freut sich für diesem Nachricht!))


hızlı (fast)

yürümek (to walk)

geç kalmak (to be late (direct: to stay late))


yürü+n+r(pres.simp)+ise----------->yürünürse (direct: if it is walked)

geç kal+n+ma(neg.)+acak(future)-->geç kalınmayacak (direct: it won´t be been late)


Hızlı yürünürse geç kalınmayacak. (People won´t be late if they walk fast. / We won´t be late if we walk fast / I won´t be late if I walk fast / You won´t be late if you walk fast etc. etc. (auf Deutsch: Man verspätet sich nicht, wenn man schnell lauft.))


sigara (the cigarette)

içmek (to drink)

uzun (1long, 2tall)

yaşamak (to live)


iç+il+me+z+ise------------------>içilmezse (if it isn´t drunk)



Sigara içilmezse daha uzun yaşanabilir. (People may live longer if no smoke. (auf Deutsch: Man lebt länger, wenn man raucht nicht.))


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