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the suffix -le

This is a suffix that we often use as well. Like "-leş", we also don´t bring this to every verb. Therefore many many examples can be given for this too.


temiz (clean)


temizlemek (to clean, to make sth clean)


Tüm gün evi temizledim. (I cleaned the house whole day.)


kir (the dirt, the filth)

kir+le+t(causative)+mek----->kirletmek (to dirty, to make sth dirty)

kir+le+n(reflexive)+mek------>kirlenmek (to get dirty, to become dirty)


Halıyı kirletiyorsun, oraya basma! (You are dirtying the carpet, don´t step on there!)


yalan (the lie, the untruth)


yalanlamak, inkâr etmek (to deny)

yalanlamak (to deny something which is claimed that it is true)

inkâr etmek (to deny something whether it is claimed that it is true, or not)


Yaptığı her şeyi yalanlamaya çalıştı ama biz tabii ki inanmadık. (She tried to deny everything she has done but we didn´t believe of course.)


yol (1the way, 2the road)


yollamak (to post, to send)


Dosya çok ağır, Facebook´tan yollayamam. İstersen e-postadan yollayabilirim. (The file is too heavy, I can´t post it via Facebook. If you want, I can post it via e-mail.)


düzen (the order, the regularity)


düzenlemek (1to put in order, 2to arrange, 3to organize)


Bu festival her yıl temmuzda düzenleniyor. (This festival is organized in every July.)


gece (the night)


gecelemek (to stay somewhere (only) at night)


Üç-dört gün bizde geceleyecekler. (They will stay at us for three or four days.)


kanıt, ispat (the evidence)


kanıtlamak, ispatlama, ispat etmek (to prove)


Bunları bana kanıtlayabilir misin? (Can you prove these to me?)


hasta (1ill, sick, 2the patient)


hastalanmak (to get ill)


Soğuk betonda oturma; hastalanacaksın. (Don´t sit on the cold concrete; you will get ill.)


erte (the laterside (but this word isn´t being used alone nowadays.))


ertelemek (to delay, to put off)


Planlarımı ertelemek zorunda mıyım? (Do I have to delay my plans?)


kul (the slave (we use this word in only religional topic.))

Allah´ın kulu (the creature of the God) [The God has createn everything and everybody, and they are in the control of the God.]


kullanmak (to use)


Hâlâ Windows XP kullanıyorum. (I am still using Windows XP)


denet (-) [we never use this word alone]


denetlemek, kontrol etmek (to check)


Zabıtaların esnafları her gün denetlemesi gerektiğini düşünüyoruz. (We think the bazaar police should check the tradesmen/women everyday.)


kabul (the acceptance)


kabullenmek (to accept yourself, to sell yourself on something)


Yenilgiyi kabullenemem. (I can´t accept myself the defeat.)


ün (the fame)


ünlenmek (to become famous)


Bu kitabıyla tüm Avrupa´da ünlendi. (He became famous in all Europe by his this book.)


zehir (the poison)


zehirlemek (to poison)


Yarın bahçedeki zararlı böcekleri zehirleyeceğiz. (We will poison the harmful insects in the garden tomorrow.)


iz (the trace)


izlemek (1to watch (synonym: seyretmek), 2to follow (synonym: takip etmek))


Genellikle televizyon izlemem. (I usually don´t watch tv.)


aşağı (the underside, the beneath side, below)


aşağılamak (to despise, to run sb down, to degrade)


Beni aşağılamaktan vazgeç! (Abandon to run me down!)


ince (thin)


incelemek (to analyse, to examine)


Ödevlerinizi yarın inceleyeceğim. (I will examine your homeworks tomorrow.)


zayıf (1thin (antonym: fat), 2weak (antonym: güçlü))


zayıflamak (to lose weigh)


İki haftada üç kilo zayıfladım. (I lose weigh for 3 kilos within two weeks.)


şişman (fat)


şişmanlamak (to get fat)


Çok yemeye devam edersem şişmanlayacağım. (I will get fat if I go on eating like this.)


geniş (large)


genişlemek (to widen, to expand)


Metali ısıtırsan genişler. (The metal expands if you heat it.)


ev (the house, the home)


evlenmek (to get married) [direct: to have a house by getting married]


Benimle evlenir misin? (Do you get marry to me?)


And this goes on like these.

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